Casino and Canada is no new thing. Land-based sites have peppered the major provinces of the country, from Calgary to Vancouver. So, what room is there for online services, is there a stable market given the current climate, and where can you play?

This is a brief guide that introduces you to online casinos in Canada. It will present the fact regarding the services you can experience, what the Canadian laws are, and will give you an honest account of why gambling is loved by many and still feared by most.

Introducing Canada’s Best Casinos Online

Let us begin by outlining a brief piece of history that will summarise the past 25 years of online casinos. Back in 1996, the first casino went live online. In 2004, the first online casino went live in Canada but only in two of its provinces. Over time, more and more provinces accepted online gambling and in 2019, Canada peaked with the interest of players online, that it became one of the top 5 markets for gambling companies and their websites, rivaling the casino industry in Europe.

This is a boom that didn’t happen single handily. For a long period of time, online gaming has been building momentum as a genuine service for people to not only engage as players but also as hosts. The rise in online streaming platforms and big money investment through sponsorship and advertising was always going to make the gaming industry the beast it is now.

Casino gameplay became an off-shoot of this but why was Canada so important?

Why Canada is a Leading Market

The reasons why online casino operators took to Canada in such a surge comes down to the simple fact that when a country has 88 land-based casinos across 10 provinces, it tells you that there is a market with plenty of potentials.

Before 2019, the number of online casinos that accept Canadian dollars was growing at a rate of 1 site per week. The growth was unseen before and for a period it made Canada the focal point of the gaming industry.

What helped matters develop came down to the country’s laws. Canada has a legal system, similar to America’s. It’s full of holes that enable the Canadian people to gamble online, despite Canada having the strictest laws on gambling. So, how the heck does this even add up and work?

Can You Gamble in Canada?

For those in Canada, the rules and laws on gambling still may not be clear, but the process is matching that of what goes in the United States.

For Canadians, the federal law bans gambling, however, the provincial laws can overrule this if the local governments are willing to uphold the law and govern over any duty of care that forms from any business providing gambling services.

The current state of online services in Canada only exists through government sites. They offer lotteries, scratch cards, and some casino games. No business within the Canadian borders can produce its own gambling service.

This is no surprise as to why would the government want to create a monopoly and potentially lose money? But the gambling law is fractured because there is no law to control how people access services that are registered beyond the borders of Canada. Many of Canada’s online casino services are actually produced and registered in Europe.

No law prohibits Canadians from accessing what are foreign platforms to gamble with their Canadian dollars. This is a loophole found across many countries that carry very strict rules on this type of institution, and yet through the internet, they lose all power.

Is This Your First Time?

With the success of the current market, players are now mostly in positions of finding new alternative casinos, rather than first-time ones. If, however, you are a person that is considering joining one of the many gambling platforms online, where do you begin?

Well, knowing what it is you want to play is the best place to begin. Online casinos pretty much offer everything now. You can experience card games like poker, blackjack, and baccarat. There are table games of roulette, craps, and sic bo. All these features appear as both digital and live games. Adding to this, you have the option of bingo, lotteries and live sports betting.

Live sports as a gambling option is now a far bigger part of the industry than that of the traditional casino games which helped to make the platforms they feature on.

Beyond the selection of games, your judgment on where to play may also come down to servicing factors, for example, does the casino support the same banking service you use? Not all casinos are the same and not all methods of payment provide the same support. Plus, does the casino you pick allow for players from Canada to join?

Take the time to research the options open to you by exploring independent comparison sites. For the gaming, always practice games in their demo mode first, before you commit to using your real money. Nothing empties a bankroll faster than playing games straight away with your money, whilst simultaneously learning the rules on how to play.

The Realities Faced with Online Gambling

To gamble or not to gamble that is the question. With risk comes reward and no reward is without risk. There are possibly many other sayings to fit into the concept of gambling, but these are the facts.

Gambling should only be pursued by those that are able to accept financial loses yet are able to also afford playing to make the gains.

The risk is real, the warning of addiction is a reality for some, and this is why charities like exist. They are there to provide professional support for players that have gambling problems.

The other reality is that every casino game online is built to pay out real money and real money is won every day by players online that are spending their Canadian dollars in the hopes of winning more back in profit.

Take note, however, that winning is only ever formed through luck, there are no tips or strategies that can guarantee 100% success, 100% of the time. If you believe in luck, then take the opportunity on with gusto. If you have some hesitancy, then research and learn which games are more mathematically favorable to players when it comes to the house edge.

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