Waiting can be annoying, right? No one likes to wait, especially when you want to watch a movie but first, you need to download it. it is so annoying. Pulsar Kodi add-on is a big fat solution to this problem. We all know that Kodi is one of the best ways if you want to watch any movie, TV show or live sports. Koddi software is globally free.

Well, as I said, Pulsar Kodi add-on makes the waiting time much shorter as it allows the users to watch whatsoever whether a movie or a TV show while it is downloading. Isn’t it amazing? Downloading the file and watching it at the same time? All this has been made possible by the developers of Pulsar Kodi. You can watch and download the file at the same time since it reduces the stream load time.

Why Pulsar Kodi?

One of the reasons is mentioned above, that it reduces the waiting time by decreasing the stream load time of a file. Another great reason for using Pulsar Kodi add-on is that it provides high definition quality content to its users and also works pretty good with a high-speed internet connection.

Pulsar Kodi add-on is however not recommended for users with slow internet speed. This add-on uses both up and down bandwidth because of its p2p nature.

Below mentioned is the complete guide on how to install the Pulsar Kodi add-on and will also discuss what all we can do with Pulsar Kodi add-on.

How to install Pulsar Kodi add-on

  1. Before installing the pulsar Kodi add-on, you need to start with installing the ‘pulsar provider’s unofficial repo’ which will contain the add-on and its providers.
  2. After installing the ‘pulsar provider’s unofficial repo’, select ‘system’ from the home screen.
  3. Then, click on add-ons.
  4. After clicking on add-ons, a window will appear with several options out of which you need to select ‘install from zip file’ to install pulsar providers unofficial repo using the above mentioned zip file that you downloaded earlier from its official site.
  5. Locate and install the downloaded file.
  6. After the file gets installed, you will be notified. After the file gets installed, you are all set to install pulsar. To do so, select ‘install from repository’.
  7. After this, select ‘pulsar providers unofficial repo’ and go to ‘video add-ons’.
  8. After selecting the video add-ons select ‘pulsar’ from the list and click the install button.
  9. After the pulsar gets installed, you will be informed.
  10. If your firewall displays a warning about the pulsar.exe trying to access the internet, click the ‘allow’ button.
  11. After the installation is completed, close the Kodi and restart it.

After installing the Pulsar, there is also a need to install or add providers. Providers are nothing but a list of torrent resources that are used to stream movies and TV shows. Providers do the actual work of turning the software into a true streaming machine. However, the providers stored and installed separately. Due to some legal reason providers are stored and installed separately and also due to ease of use. To access the pre-made providers’ lists, you need to download them from a repository.

How to Install Pulsar Kodi add-on Providers on Kodi

Below mentioned are steps to installing pulsar providers on Kodi.

  1. On your local device, open Kodi.
  2. Then, to enter the system menu click on the gear icon.Pulsar Kodi add-on
  3. After entering the system menu, you need to select or click the ‘get add-ons’.Pulsar Kodi add-on
  4. Now, select the pulsar unofficial Repo.Pulsar Kodi add-on
  5. After selecting the pulsar unofficial repo, a window will be opened, where you now need to select the ‘program add-ons.Pulsar Kodi add-on
  6. After this, go back to the Kodi main menu and select Add-ons.
  7. Now, click the open box icon and choose ‘install from zip file’.
  8. For installing from the zip file, you need to select the ‘unofficialrepo’, the repository created by you earlier. Also, while selecting the ‘unofficialrepo’, it must be followed by your version name of Kodi.
  9. You need to install the entire unofficialrepo set of add-ons, therefore, select ‘all’ to install the entire unofficialrepo set.
  10. After installing the entire unofficialrepo set of add-ons, go back to the add-ons menu and click the open box icon.
  11. Then, choose ‘install from repository’.Pulsar Kodi add-on
  12. Then, click on ‘unofficialrepo All’ and scroll down to the ‘program add-ons’.
  13. After the above step, you need to locate the ‘pulsar MC’s provider manager’ and click on install.Pulsar Kodi add-on
  14. After installing the provider, close the Kodi and restart it.

Note : – if you are already using the MC provider Manager, then you can skip the step 13.


What all can I do with pulsar?

Apart from providing a ready-made environment to use the existing protocols, the pulsar Kodi add-on offers direct links to the content for fast and reliable streams. This Kodi add-on transforms the torrent files into streaming videos and simply allows you to watch movies and TV shows without much delay. The pulsar Kodi add-on has a simple structure. The add-on is organized into two categories movies and TV shows which are further divided into folders inside each of them. The interface makes it easy for a user to access an enormous amount of content.

Errors faced while using pulsar Kodi add-on

While using the pulsar Kodi add-on, it might happen that the pulsar gets crashed and restarts. The same problem has been encountered by several other users while installing Pulsar Kodi add-on. The installation of the Kodi is confusing and also the add-on has not been updated in years, which are bound to some issues. Users generally or more usually encounter the error to restart Kodi after the installation. The message of restarting the Kodi flashes several times and even after restarting the Kodi, the error still persists. Flashing of the error even after restarting the Kodi indicates the something is wrong with pulsar and there is a need to be looked into.

To fix this problem, just follow some simple steps mentioned below to allow the pulsar Kodi add-on to function properly.


  1. Go back to the Kodi home menu and click the gear icon.
  2. Select the service setting and go to the control section.
  3. It is important to make sure that under the application control, both the below-mentioned options are enabled.
  • Allowing the remote control on this system from the applications
  • Allowing the remote control on other systems from the applications.
  1. After completing all the above-mentioned steps, close the Kodi and re-open it.
  2. The error will be resolved.

Most of the errors displayed by the pulsar Kodi add-ons can be resolved by restarting the Kodi. Even if the error persists, then it is not possible to use the pulsar Kodi add-on with the hardware you are using or the version of Kodi on it.


Many of you might be thinking right now that whether it is safe using Pulsar Kodi add-on? Yes, Pulsar Kodi add-on is safe to install. Pulsar Kodi add-on avoids any pitfall and does not feature any links to external content. Still, if you think that it might be unsafe to use Pulsar Kodi add-on, then you can use a VPN connection and anti-virus software turned on.

I hope this article could provide you with the required information.

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