Like every year, Christmas besides bringing with it all the excitement and happiness, calls for delicious confectionery and beautiful presents. One reason why youngsters love Christmas the most is their time to put forward their wishes and demands, which are likely to be fulfilled on this eve. There can be a wide variety of items in the wishlists but the ones fairly popular among the new generation are smartphones and products from their very favorite brand Apple—phones, watches, and AirPods. Currently, the demand for AirPods is on the rise and according to the surveys recently done, it is found that many individuals from Gen Z have put AirPods in their wishlists which some are hoping to get while some are not. The AirPods have become a favorite of people of all ages, because of their design as well as functioning.

If you have lately been confused about what to get for your loved ones this Christmas, do not waste your time thinking, as AirPods would definitely be the best pick. These are generally available as:

  • Apple Airpods (wired charging)
  • Apple Airpods (wireless charging)
  • and a newly introduced version, Airpods Pro.

Reasons assuring why are these a must-buy product this Christmas to make your loved ones burst with joy have been listed below:


If your giftee if is a very busy worker who, especially in these times of COVID-19, has to do work from home, would absolutely love this product. With no inconvenience of wires getting tangled or stuck, you just have to put these in and you are good to go. If your giftees love to go for a daily jog, see them grin like Cheshire cat upon receiving this gift. With all that being said, it is undoubtedly the music lovers’ one of the most favorite gifts they would ever receive.

Great Sound Quality Is All One Needs!

The AirPods are known to have impressive sound quality, be it for phone calls or music. The newly introduced Airpods Pro is known to have noise cancellation technology which assists in focused listening by cutting out the disruptive external sounds. It does so with the help of a microphone facing outward, which detects the external sounds and cancels them to ensure clarity of sound of what you are listening to at the moment. There is a feature of switching to transparency mode also by simply pressing force sensor on the stem, which makes it possible to hear the external sounds as well, which might be helpful for those wanting to hear what somebody standing in front of them is saying or when they are crossing the roads, without needing to pull out the pods.

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Superior Comfort

Its perfectly designed shape and size guarantee one’s comfort. Half of the problem goes away with it being wireless. Seriously, if you are not yet done with untangling the wires or putting the headphones back in after they fall out because of their wires getting stuck or caught, you are truly a very patient person.

Well, some people doubt that these can easily fall out and in case if dropped, can easily get broken. In the first place, these just do not fall out that easily. There are available three sizes of soft silicone tips, you can choose the size that best fits you. The tips kind of form a seal on the ear making AirPods less likely to loosen or fall out. Also, they hardly put any pressure on the ears, thus one may feel as if there is nothing really there.

Connecting Airpods To Device Is Easy

One may think that connecting Airpods to your phone without a wire would be a time taking process but it’s not! With Apple Airpods, one doesn’t unnecessarily have to go to ‘settings’ and choose several options to be finally able to connect the two but just have to open the case. Yes! Once you pop open the case, your AirPods would automatically be connected to the nearest device. There would be a prompt on your screen and all you have to do is select ‘connect’ and there you go.

Compatible With SIRI

Nobody is as obedient as Siri is! Connecting to Siri is just a matter of seconds, double-tap on the side of Airpods and there Siri is waiting for your commands. You say *Change music*, it will be changed. You say *lower the volume*, it will be lowered.

Doesn’t Need To Be Charged All The Time

It’s a common misconception that Airpods with having so much to offer and advanced functioning might need to be put to charge frequently. Although that is not the case!  With a single charge, you can use it for 4 to 5 hours continuously without any hitch. Even if you are running out of time and hardly have any charge left, putting it to charge even for 5 minutes only would do well for 1-hour functioning.

Considering the top-notch features of Airpods, no wonder they make such a fancy and useful Christmas gift. A Christmas gift shouldn’t only be ‘all things pretty’ but it should also be useful; something your loved ones can actually bring to use and cherish your sentiments for days and months, or even years to come!

The Airpods are in fashion these days, thus those having these would not just be making the most of the features of these wireless earbud headphones but also be following the trend as well, making themselves look modern and up-to-date. And who doesn’t like a little show-off! That is all why it would be the best gift you could get your Gen Z youngster on Christmas, receiving which your giftee would be on cloud nine. If you still want some more ideas for Christmas gifts, and make sure you get the absolute best gifts for your loved ones.

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