Bass-heavy headphones are the fad right now. Skullcandy has taken this up a notch with the ‘Crusher’. These headphones not only does deep bass, it lets you feel and hear it too.

Rather than trying to fake deep bass with DSP (digital signal processing), the SkullCrushers use an individually powered bass extension driver to let you feel the vibration. The new ‘Sensation55’ driver vibrates according to the deep bass in the music – delivering its “Bass You Can Feel” tagline.

Skullcandy Crusher

Audio-wise do not expect natural, well-balanced, timbre rich sounds. But the experience when you have music with rocking deep bass is something to behold. The new Crusher draws its bass inducing power from a battery powered amp hidden in the ear cup. The bass sensation slider is conveniently placed on the left ear cup. This allows you to adjust the vibration levels to your preference. You can even turn it off completely to hear music minus the powered bass boost. A good option to have if you want a respite from head banging bass to the rich string tones of the Berlin Philharmonic.

The Skullcrusher is made mostly of plastics to make the price affordable. It is made foldable with a detachable cord which makes it very portable. This is a unique pair of headphones. If you feel you are missing that oomph in your music this might just be something you want to try.

Source: Skullcandy

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