Sony recently unveiled a slew of headphones that will give some competition to rivals in the heated headphones market segment. First up is a pair of premium in-ear headphones which are designed in collaboration with acclaimed duo ‘Hurts‘.

Sony XBA-H3
Sony XBA-H3

Sony audio engineers collaborated with singer Theo Hutchcraft and guitarist Adam Anderson to develop high end in-ears that showcases Sony’s innovative Balanced Armature (BA) technology hybrid with conventional dynamic drivers to produce the Sony XBA-H1 and XBA-H3. These miniature Balanced Armature drivers feature a light diaphragm which is very responsive to upper-and mid-range tones making them sound more transparent and crisp, while the dynamic drivers deliver bass that makes a fuller soundstage. The bass hits hard with enough low end rumble and complements the warm mids and highs. They do not come cheap though. The XBA-H1 retails at $149.99 and the XBA-H3 is $349.99.

Also launched are some new headphones in the MDR-10 range. They comprise the MDR-10R standard headphones ($199.99), MDR-10RNC noise canceling headphones ($269.99), and the MDR-10RBT Bluetooth wireless headphones ($249.99). These headphones are designed to be more lightweight and portable.


Sony engineers identified that the 30-40Hz sub-bass region is most critical in getting the sound right as that is the signature of current music genres and developed an enhanced Beat Response Control design for the new MDR-10 headphones. It features a closed back design for maximum isolation and with enlarged air vents for deep bass response. The driver is a 40mm HD unit that delivers a wider frequency range. The MDR-10 headphones are designed for hours of comfortable listening with pressure-relieving ear cushions, for a supportive, wrap-around feel. The cable is also re-designed with grooved serrations on its surface. The detachable cable provides an innovative design that eliminates friction between cable surfaces and reduces the incidence of frustrating tangles.

Source: Sony Press Center

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