Every now and then we get the news of the launch of a new Kodi add-on or shut down of the other. Recently the news of shutting down of Terrarium TV channel is confirmed. The news is definitely shocking for those who depend on Terrarium TV for streaming their entertainment content. There are a lot of apps that have gone offline without prior warning, and so it calls for the search of a replacement for them. So today we are going to talk about the top 7 Terrarium TV alternatives. Yes, there are plenty of options available in the market, so even if Terrarium TV has shut down you are not going to go dry.

Terrarium offers great content but since it has been discontinued, these alternatives to Terrarium will help you stream TV shows and movies on your Android smartphones and Firestick.

7 Best Alternatives to Terrarium TV

As Terrarium TV is not working we would like to introduce you to the alternatives to it. All these TV apps are tested and highly recommended by experts. We are sure that any one of these will prove to be a viable option for you.


One of the best and popular media streaming service is Kodi. Developed by XBMC foundation, you can stream unlimited content with this open source software. It is, therefore, one of the biggest Terrarium TV replacement, and if statistics are to be considered there is no risk of it being shut down. As Kodi is available under open source license and is not maintained by a single developer or a team of developers, it will be a constant player.

Both Kodi and Terrarium TV doesn’t use their own server to host videos and therefore the former is a suitable Terrarium TV alternative. Both the streaming platforms use programming codes, and scripts to find various resources of every video.

Talking about the interface, some of you might feel that Kodi is a bit more complicated than Terrarium TV. One of the reasons being that you need to install the individual add-on on Kodi to stream TV shows, movies, music and more.

FreeFlix HQ

Another known successor of Terrarium TV is FreeFlix HQ. It has been in the market for quite a while now and has now established its place. While in the beginning it was not given the deserving attention, but today many of the users are opting it as an alternative to Terrarium TV. FreeFlix HQ has an impressively huge library with the large media collection. It has a simple and user-friendly interface and so streaming on this channel is easy.

The app allows you to stream all your favorite media in HD quality with great sound and visual experience. Taking all the features into account, FreeFlix HQ is a good Terrarium TV alternative. Apart from this FreeFLix HQ is also compatible with various Android streaming systems like Fire TV, Firestick and Fire Cube. The interface of the app is slick, remote friendly, designed for various TV devices, and works flawlessly which is missing from a lot of streaming apps.


The next best alternative to Terrarium TV is TeaTV. You can use this amazing replacement on remote-controlled devices like FireTV, Firestick and even Android TV box, which was previously not possible.  You can stream the wide range of movies and TV shows that it offers on your Android devices. TeaTV also gives subtitle support, MX Player like external player support, download option and Integration with Real Debrid and Trakt.

An interesting feature of TeaTV is that you can preview the content that you wish to watch prior to the actual streaming. So simply select the title that you want to see and then click on the Trailer option. You can also check out the Similar Movies and TV shows category to simplify your searches.

OneBox HD

Another alternative of Terrarium TV that is worth trying is OneBox HD. It was developed to stream videos and music on Android devices. Apart from these, the app also allows streaming content on Fire TV and Firestick like devices. It is even better if you have the mouse toggle app installed on your device.

The OneBox HD app is small in size and so installation of the same is quick and perfectly perfect for Firestick like devices. The TV channel comes with an enormous library of TV shows and movies, so you can easily find your favorite content. An important thing to keep in mind while using OneBox HD is that you must have your VPN on as it downloads the chosen title.

The OneBox HD’s vast content collection, user-friendly interface, lightweight and option to sort the content through various categories like popularity, rating, genre. Or most recent like searches make it worth trying.

Titanium TV

If you are looking for the best alternatives to Terrarium TV, then you will find Titanium TV in almost all lists. And they have secured this position due to many reasons. To begin with, Titanium TV is a clone of Terrarium TV. The functions and looks of both the channels are exactly the same. The former offers a huge catalog of shows and movies that doesn’t let its users dry. So with Titanium TV, you can start your weekend binge-watching sessions. Another great feature is that all the links that Titanium TV offer is of high quality from the web.

Integration of Titanium TV with Real Debrid makes streaming in HD quality easier. So if you have an account on Real Debrid, then download Titanium TV apk now. You can also install the same on Firestick. Titanium TV is as simple and neat as Terrarium TV, and even if you have not used the latter you will be able to use the former within minutes.

Cartoon HD

As the name suggests, Cartoon HD offers a huge collection of animated content. But don’t go with the name as it doesn’t have only cartoons to offer. Cartoon HD also hosts a vast collection of Bollywood and Hollywood movies. It is a very popular app among the users of India, UK, and the USA. If the above alternatives don’t satisfy your entertainment demand then you can try Cartoon HD. It offers along with the regular content by all other apps, Cartoon HD also offers a huge range of cartoon onesies to choose from.

And so if you have children in your home then Cartoon HD and the animated series that it offers, is a great app for you. It is an alternative to Terrarium TV as the interface of both the apps is pretty much alike.

Cinema APK

Formerly known as HDMovies the Cinema APK app is another well-known alternative to Terrarium TV. Cinema APK is a strong competition to Terrarium TV and would have given it a run for the money for sure. The apps run error-free and offer various running streams with top-notch quality which has led it to its popularity. You would have considered Cinema APK as your first choice if Terrarium TV wouldn’t have been introduced into the market.

Cinema PAK works like a content aggregator and gives access to an enormous library of TV shows and movies. Even though it doesn’t host content of its own, the streaming links that it provide are from multiple servers and that too in high quality.

Wrapping Up

Terrarium TV build has gone offline and it is saddening news. But it doesn’t stop the streaming world from moving forward. And so we have tried to cover the best Terrarium TV alternatives that you will find in the media streaming service. Out of all the apps available, we would highly recommend you to use Kodi as it hosts an enormous library of TV shows and movies. If you have any good suggestion of Terrarium TV alternative or we have forgotten to mention some Terrarium TV replacement, then do share it with us in the comment section.

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