After the first two episodes, The Outsider took the slow train. Each episode after then has been sluggish in its pace. Not a lot of things are getting revealed, and the series saw its minimum pace in the last episode. The episode titled “In the Pines, In the Pines”, began with Holly Gibney writing in pain, leaving the fans wondering is this the end?

Let me give you a quick look recap of the previous episode and spoilers for the upcoming episode titled “Foxhead” that will air on 23rd February 2020.

The Outsider Season 1 Episode 7 Written Update

Holly has done her best to connect all the dots to reach to the Outsider. And so her death is written for sure. And as she set on a ride with Jack to the barn, she realizes that it might be her end. Jack owned the same scar like that of Tracey Powell. She understands that Jack is also under the control of the same power that is killing children all over. A lot of things can be expected from Jack, but he instead of taking advantage of confides in Holly. However, Gibney manages to escape from Jack and reach the Anderson house to meet Jeannie and Ralph.

The supernatural power selects only those who are in some kind of pain, and Jack seemed like an easy target. And now he is struggling to stand against the power.

The Outsider S01E07 “In the Pines, In the Pines” Recap

Ralph who has been investigating the case from the start is still finding the theory hard to believe. He is still skeptical of the presence of a supernatural power even after his wife giving him hints. However after he and Pelley visit Jack’s motel room, Ralph assumes the worst, He feels that Gibney is kidnapped and is starting to believe in her story. Finally, he is skipping his logical approach, starting to believe the unexplainable. He also visits his therapist only to give the case an open-minded approach.

The Outsider Season 1 Episode 8 Spoilers

Some dark twists will come up in the upcoming episode titled “Foxhead.” The episode is going to be mysterious to another level as Claude gets in touch with Seale, his brother in Tennessee. The 20-day timeline has been covered and the killer is set to kill another child, and it might happen in the next episode.

And so Claude who is the main witness in the Terry Maitland case comes into the spotlight. He was suspected to be the next Maitland according to Holly’s pattern. And after the facial similarity of Claude with the sketch drawn by Jeannie, Holly is all set to protect Claude.

The Outsider S01E08 “Foxhead” Spoilers

While Ralph, Holly, Yunis, and Andy go on their hike to isolate the evil force, another family will be visiting a festival at the local cave. And at the location, they will be avoiding a dangerous encounter. Is the child of the family targeted by the Outsider? Or Ralph and Holly manage to save the family?

Wrapping Up

The next episode of The Outsider titled “Foxhead” is going to be compelling. You can catch the episode on HBO at 9 PM, on 23rd February.

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