Now that you have gotten yourself a spanking new GPS unit, here are a couple of tips that you might find useful :

1) Register it
Do make sure you register your units almost right away, especially if you did not get one with lifetime maps. By doing this, you might find yourself with a free map update, depending on the manufacturer. The general rule of thumb would be to do this within 60 days.

2) Explore it
Have fun poking around those menus to familiarize yourself with your new gadget and the options it provides you. Look out for options such as fastest route and not the shortest route and avoiding gravel roads, ferries and u-turns.

3) Mark your home
Mark your home on your GPS unit, for convenience.

4) Got a lemon?
If you have found yourself a lemon, take it to the store you purchased it from, making this the fastest and most hassle-free way to exchange it.

5) Trust but Verify
Some GPS can get you lost once in a while so the best thing to do is to trust but always verify the route to see if it looks right.

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