So, you have finally set up your dream blog, and now you are trying to get people to read it. Well, you are in the right spot! We are going to reveal some simple tips that will boost your blog’s track and revenue. So saddle up, it’s time to get to work!

Niche Selection Is Critical

Not all niches are equal. Certain niches have high-volume keywords, and a single article you write could pull in 100,000 people per month. While other niches are like a ghost town where you could rank number one on Google for all major keywords and still get barely any traffic.

A great niche to focus on is iGaming. This niche has a high monthly search volume and while it’s competitive, you can niche down and focus on different aspects. For example, you could write about your experience gambling at Paddy Power’s online casino and add lots of personal touch and connect with fellow players. Or you could focus on specific games at an online casino. If you can become an authority on a specific small part of a niche, you outrank more established sites.

Before you start your blog, research different niches and use Ahrefs and Semrush to see the monthly search volume for different keywords. Then, Google these keywords and assess the competition if you find the first page of Google packed full of major sites going after the same keywords, then pick another niche! 

Focus on US Traffic

Just like there are high and low-paying niches, advertisers also discriminate when it comes to traffic. Advertisers are willing to spend big on traffic that comes organically through searches from the US. Many of the top ad networks that can get you high RPMs won’t even accept your website if the majority of the traffic is not from the US. So, if you want to maximize your earnings, definitely gear your blog to Americans!

Create Multiple Traffic Acquisition Channels

You shouldn’t just rely on organic search to bring you traffic because if you lose your rankings on Google, your whole site will collapse suddenly. You can experiment by generating traffic through Google Ads and posting regularly on social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Also, remember that Google isn’t the only search engine in town, so don’t forget about chasing rankings for Bing. Another trick you can do is translate your content into multiple languages. Ideally, you want to split your traffic across multiple channels because not only will you make your website more robust, but you will expose your content to a wider audience. 

Running a successful blog isn’t as simple as writing your thoughts down and then watching the page views skyrocket. You need to get strategic and pull specific levers to draw readers in. If you are serious about running a successful blog, we recommend selecting a niche with high-volume keywords but is not overly saturated, leveraging multiple traffic acquisition channels, and tailoring your blog to a US audience! 

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