While promoting oneself as environmentally conscious may be a clever marketing strategy, what real work can US casinos do apart from making empty promises?

We’ll explore the newest environmentally friendly technology, green practices specifically targeted to casinos and the effects of these eco-friendly initiatives. So without further ado, let’s examine the realm of sustainable gaming in more detail.

US Casinos That Respect the Environment

Despite the best efforts, there are still not many environmentally friendly casinos in the United States. But, as iGamingWV admits, while the truly green gambling industry is still far away, there have been some major steps in this direction. To lessen their environmental impact, these casinos have put in place a number of eco-friendly programs. In this blog, we’ll look at the many sustainable projects each casino has going on, as well as new eco-friendly technology coming out in the market and how these improvements may help the local community and the environment.

Green Gaming at Turtle Creek Casino

An excellent example of an environmentally conscious casino making efforts to lessen its influence on the environment is Turtle Creek Casino. The casino, which is situated in northern Michigan, has made significant financial investments in renewable energy technologies.

Additionally, they are among the few US casinos that choose to have large windows rather than follow the suggestion to remove windows from gaming rooms in order to save money on power!

The venue’s set of solar panels, which occupy a sizable section of its roof, is another environmentally friendly feature. With the help of this installation, the casino can depend far less on fossil fuels since it is supplying clean, renewable energy. Their carbon footprint is being drastically reduced!

CodeGreen by Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment has become almost entirely environmentally friendly, which is a testament to its remarkable energy conservation efforts. They have shown their commitment to the cause by taking a number of actions that are now being implemented across their whole company.

Founded in 2008, the CodeGreen program is one of their largest projects. This aims to increase both staff and visitors’ understanding of environmental issues. Caesars encourages its employees to take part in environmental conservation initiatives including beach clean-ups and tree plantings.

In order to surpass the company’s annual environmental goals, the CodeGreen program also keeps an eye on the environmental impact of its assets.

Mandalay Bay: Ecological Leadership

Given that Mandalay Bay is one of the largest casinos in the world, its decision to lead the way in the environmentally friendly gaming market is all the more remarkable. At 640 acres and 323,000 panels, the resort has the biggest rooftop solar installation in the United States.

The company, which is based in the desert north of Las Vegas, now generates enough green energy to run the whole casino! Mandalay Bay has been declared by some to be the largest self-sufficient building in the global hotel market.

Mandalay Bay has implemented a strict recycling policy that involves recycling all glass, metal, and plastic in addition to converting all food waste into compost. Due to this, a lot of rubbish has been kept out of landfills.

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