There are thousands of crypto assets in the market. Some are senior and have shown their good prospects; others are up-and-coming startups. If you are wondering, “What crypto to buy?” follow the steps to access an asset:

  • Learn what the project’s essence is. What real benefit can the project bring? Are there real use cases? Who stands behind it? What are the project’s goals and plans? Read the Whitelist, the Roadmap.
  • Check out who the project’s backers are. Maybe there are some early investors and big names among them? That would be a good reason to buy cryptocurrency.
  • Track the asset’s rate changes throughout the time.
  • What does the project’s development team look like? Is their work transparent? Do they post information and updates on the project?
  • Is the community active? Check out the project’s Twitter, Medium, Reddit, website, etc.

Successful cryptocurrency trading requires thorough analysis and a serious approach. Now let’s consider the most promising assets in 2022.

Bitcoin (BTC)

The current rate – $19,293. It is the first cryptocurrency, the most popular and promising. It pushed the development of the whole industry. And now, it also determines the market movements, for many assets follow its rate fluctuations. The Bitcoin network has a proof of work consensus protocol in the core.

Ethereum (ETH)

As of July 2022, the ETH price is $1000. It is not only an asset but also a platform for developers to deploy applications. Ethereum smart contracts allow executing deals between parties when their conditions are met efficiently.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance is the most popular website for transactions with crypto. It enables convenient tools for trading, opening tremendous earning opportunities. This platform is the most credible and reliable. BNB used to be a native platform token that serves for transaction fees, etc. Now it’s a cryptocurrency traded on all popular exchanges. Today’s rate is $221.

So when you think about which crypto to buy, pay attention to these crypto-assets and consider investing in them as long as their rates are low.

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