Gambling is the favorite entertainment of completely different types of punters. Some of them enjoy the hassle-free pace of slot machines with their extra small wagers; others prefer the thrilling experience of betting huge, 4-digit sums during poker or blackjack sessions. While both of them are treated equally and have tons of opportunities to play in the style they like the most, high-stake players are met with some exclusive perks. Whether it is a brick-and-mortar establishment with its old-school entertainment or one of many quality online casinos that offer an infinite variety of gaming, the venue will definitely provide room for those looking for the highest winnings. Experts of review the newest online vendors non-stop, delivering the selections of trustworthy destinations that offer the biggest payouts.

However, this article will introduce a line-up of the most incredible facilities, which should be visited by enthusiastic High Rollers at least once in a lifetime.

The U.S. — The Cosmopolitan

The well-known point of attraction for gamblers around the world, Las Vegas, has a relatively new star in its collection of casinos ­The Cosmopolitan. The venue was established in 2010, and it combines the best features of the good old Las Vegas atmosphere and the era of technological development. Here, punters can walk around a 100,000 square feet floor and enjoy table games and thrilling competitive events along with over 1,000 video machines for slots and poker. Gamers are offered to bet as little as $0.01, while they can maximize the wager up to $500. With regard to bettors that prefer wagering on different sporting and racing events, Cosmopolitan has created a special watching area ready for a pleasant pastime.

Visitors of Cosmopolitan can boost their experience by joining the Identity Club and can beforehand sign up for it online. Afterward, they can claim the card on the initial arrival. Then, 4 VIP levels will be available for players:

  • Velvet
  • Sterling
  • Gold
  • Platinum

With every single dollar spent, the punter receives Identity Points, which will quickly help him or her climb the ladder and get benefits — the perfect option for high rollers.

Crown Melbourne, Attraction, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Australia — Crown Melbourne

There are tons of reasons to visit Australia, and one of them is Melbourne’s hidden gem — the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex. First of all, fans of card games should consider visiting this place as tournaments within the World Series of Poker are held here. Regular gamers can try to hit the royal flush at more than 50 poker tables or, alternatively, sit in front of 3,500 high-quality video machines provided by top-notch software developers including International Game Technology (IGT), Konami, and some others. Owners of VIP access are allowed to make bigger bets up to $5.

The selection of entertainment, though, has much more to give as opportunities to play baccarat, blackjack, craps, pai gow, and roulette are also offered in two modes — automated and regular tables.

Sun City and other resorts are allowed to reopen – here are the proposed rules for casinos, hotels and golf

South Africa — Sun City Casino Resort

The second-oldest venue on the list, Sun City Casino, is satisfying its visitors for more than 40 years now. This recreation site is conveniently located far from urban areas, on the breathtaking landscapes of North West province.

The one-of-a-kind casino boasts a wide range of slots (progressive ones included) along with other categories such as blackjack, punto banco, and roulette. Here, wagers vary from as little as $0.1 to 10,000 South African rand, which is equal to about $700. As a part of Sun International, Sun City also provides its branded loyalty programme, applying for which, punters will start collecting Sun MVG Points. They are exchangeable for various accommodations, entertainment, and leisure benefits.

The Venetian Macao- Deluxe Macau, Macau Hotels- GDS Reservation Codes: Travel Weekly

China — The Venetian Macao

The eastern gambling capital, Macao, has an unbelievable choice of more than 40 world’s best wagering facilities. The local version of the Venetian is definitely among the leading land-based operators, and it is a must-visit spot for any gambler.

Entering this place, bettors will be met with 800 tables ready to serve a diverse selection of games and a line-up of more than 6,000 video slot machines. In total, the gambling house is of a small town’s size — 546,000 square feet.

Corresponding with its name, Venice is the main theme for the Venetian as the place features all the well-known attributes of Italy’s famous city, including canals and gondolas driven by gondoliers.

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Germany — Kurhaus of Baden-Baden

Those looking for luxury and red carpet treatment in a reputable betting house should definitely check the premium Casino Baden-Baden. Since the early 19th century, Baden-Baden, which is located in the Baden-Württemberg state, has been attracting gamblers from all over Europe. This is the oldest casino among others mentioned above as its history began in 1824. Anyone willing to enter this royal facility will have to follow its strict rules — provide legal identification and meet a severe dress code requirement. Still, the experience one will get is worth these efforts.

In general, the establishment consists of two main sections. The first one features a rather classical gaming style and includes options for roulette, poker, and blackjack, while the second is about constant reel spinning and jackpot winnings. Both of them are situated in palace-like areas with architecture that originated from France.

Special poker tournaments are held three days a week and allow up to 6 experienced punters to compete against each other.

The Best Choice to Stake Big

Unique and exciting gambling is spread all over the world as wagering is extremely popular within different nations and cultures. It is hard to recommend only one venue to visit as all of them are excellent casinos offering something exclusive and outstanding. Nevertheless, playing in a real, brick and mortar establishment is a memory that won’t ever be forgotten by anyone.

Nowadays, bettors more and more often pick online services for real-money entertainment over land-based operators. This is a very reasonable choice as websites have much more features, including Welcome Bonus offers, enormous collections of games, and safe and secure methods to deposit funds. Considering that they are also available from the comfort of one’s apartment, this is the single most suitable and convenient solution.

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