Xbox One is undoubtedly an amazing gaming console and a lot of people definitely want to purchase it to play the Xbox one game. But do you know you can play Xbox one games on your pc? Well, maybe you weren’t aware of this. All thanks to the Xbox one emulators that made this possible.  

Also, we have made it a lot easier for you to pick out a suitable best Xbox emulator for your PC. We have penned down a list of best Xbox One emulators for Windows that will give you an amazing Xbox One gaming experience on your PC.  

What is Xbox One Emulator? 

I know you are pretty excited to jump on to our list of best Xbox One Emulators, but spare some time reading about Xbox One Emulator.  

Xbox One Emulator 2019
Xbox One Emulator 2020

We all know how popular Xbox One is because of its support of gaming in 4K quality. When it comes to performance, Xbox One Emulator can compete for a high-end gaming rig easily. But since Xbox One is a console, playing its games on a PC is not possible. 

Considering Halo, an Xbox One game as an example, the game is not supported on PC directly. You will need to create an ecosystem similar to that of Xbox One on your PC to enjoy Xbox One games. This is possible with the Xbox emulator, which creates an ecosystem on a PC that allows you to play Xbox One games on PC. 

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Advantages of Using Xbox One Emulator for Windows 

There is no point in the comparison between a gaming PC and a gaming console but there are some Pros of using Xbox Emulator for Windows. Below, we have discussed a few benefits of playing Xbox One Emulator for windows. 

  • Most of the best Xbox emulator for Windows is free of cost, which means you don’t really have to pay anything to try Xbox One game on your pc. 
  • If you have a high-end PC, there are chances that you will be able to play the Xbox One games in high settings without compromising the frame rates.  
  • Xbox one emulators for windows also support some games from Xbox 360 and some from the previous Xbox series as well. 

5 Best Xbox One Emulator for Windows 2020

There are dozens of Xbox One emulators available for windows. Some of them may or may not work on most of the PCs and lacks support for all of the Xbox one games. Also, a lot of emulators don’t have developer support anymore, therefore the bugs are remained unpatched which can further create issues with your gaming experience. 

In our list of best Xbox one emulators for windows, we have penned down only those emulators that actually works. Feel free to try all of them or just go through the description of each emulator and choose the best one for your PC. Well, you should also check out Best Overclocking Softwares in case you are looking to run iOS apps on your Windows PC.

1. Xeon Emulator 

Starting off the list with one of the best Xbox One emulators for windows, Xeon Emulator, is one of the most preferred emulators out there.  With Xeon Emulator, you can play both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games without any issues. 


The emulator is highly optimized for PC and there are very minimum possibilities of you facing any issues like frame drops, glitches or sudden crashes. All thanks to the developers who have been working for years to make the Xeon emulator optimized for windows. 

As of writing, the developers have stopped working on the emulator but have not left any issues in the final build.  

Download Xeon Emulator

2. CXBX emulator 

cxbx emulator

CXBX is just another emulator for windows which pretty much performs its job nicely on Windows computer. It is considered as a version of the DXBX emulator but with fewer features. This is certainly a good thing as the emulator is less hungry for resources and can provide a better user experience on a computer with low specifications. However, it supports only a small range of Xbox one games. 

CXBX Emulator Download

3. Xenia Emulator

Adding up another amazing emulator to our list, Xenia Emulator is probably the best Xbox emulator out there. It supports a wide range of Xbox games that are playable without any hassle. As of now, more than 50 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games are supported on a Xenia emulator which means that you can enjoy these games on your Windows PC. 

xenia emulator

It supports a wide range of games which means that there can some issues only if you have a PC with low specifications. But people with high-end gaming rig should definitely give a try to Xenia Xbox emulator. 

The emulator is not fully stable on Windows, but it keeps receiving updates to make the emulator free from any kind of major issue that compromises that user experience. Also, try out Game Hacker Apps for Android.

Download Xenia Emulator

4. EX360E Xbox Emulator 

EX360E Xbox emulator creates an executable .exe file of Xbox games for your windows PC. It supports only 64-bit windows, therefore if you have 32-bit Windows installed, you won’t be able to use EX360E Xbox emulator on your PC.

EX360E Xbox Emulator  

It has a really interactive GUI but is still not stable enough and lacks supports for major windows users. You can still try it if you want to play Xbox 360 games but with recent updates, developers have enabled support for Xbox one games also. 

EX360E Emulator Download

5. DXBX emulator 

This is one of the best Xbox one emulator for windows PC which offers amazing performance and lag-free gaming experience. DXBX emulator has a wide range of features and supports a lot of Xbox one games. 

dxbx emulator

This Xbox emulator converts the Xbox games into an executable Exe file which can be easily run on Windows pc. However, it supports only 32-bit windows version, support for 64-bit version has not been added yet. If you have a 32-bit version PC, DXBX emulator will work flawlessly for you. 

Download DXBX Emulator

Final Words

Xbox one is an amazing gaming console and it is possible to play Xbox one game Xbox 360 games on your PC with the help of emulators.  


In this article, we have shared a list of 5 best Xbox one emulator for windows pc that actually works. Some of them may or may not support your pc which we have already mentioned in the description of every Xbox emulator on this list.

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