Canon VIXIA HF G21

One of the nicest parts of carrying around a state of the art camcorder like the Canon VIXIA HF G21 is the opportunity to save the day if the scheduled photographer is unable to make it to a special occasion like a 100th birthday celebration or a wedding. The ability to capture precious moments with full HD 1080p recording is almost guaranteed because the unit is easy to handle, comfortable to hold, and has a wide variety of professional features. One of three new camcorders featured in a December 5, 2017 Canon press release, the HF G21 is designed for amateurs and professionals alike.

The more Smartphone videos and still pictures I encounter (including my own!), the simpler it is to recognize the superior performance of this video recorder. What a difference it makes in a video record of your child’s life or a series of videos for YouTube. Whether it’s time to upgrade to a newer model or finally take the plunge and discover why camcorder owners are so enthusiastic about filming the action, the HF G21 belongs on the shortlist of models to try before a purchase. Here is a look at the best features and comparisons.

Canon-VIXIA HF-G21

Canon VIXIA HF G21

About the Product

The bulky camcorders of the past are gradually being replaced by units with ergonomic features, such as those of the Canon VIXIA HF G21. It makes the camera easier to use for both amateurs and professionals. This VIXIA’s improved features include WiFi connectivity. It was great to record at full HD 1080p, as well as easily download the video to share with friends and family. I thought the longer 20x optical zoom lens might be awkward, but it wasn’t. Its complementary metal oxide semiconductor, better known by the acronym CMOS, improves low-light performance when filming. A second SD card slot and Wide Dynamic Range gamma are welcome additions to shooting memorable videos.

Slo-mo yields an amazingly detailed record of the action. Canon HF G21 details the intensity and excitement of a child learning to ride a bike or the spirit of a sporting event. Vary between 2x and 1200x normal speed for a specific action or an entire event. Select settings while viewing the action on the 3-inch touchscreen LCD panel.

With so many features available, I took a quick glance to determine the ones I’d use the most. It was much easier to operate the HF G21 without being distracted by continuously looking at the instructions for favorites. Options like highlighted edges when a shot is in focus, assignable user buttons, and fast- or slow-motion filming caught my interest because of the creative look they bring to a video. The view assist and optical image-stabilization system deliver images and action that encourage sharing.

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Comparison with the Previous Model

Although Canon’s previous model VIXIA HF G20 isn’t that old, improvements and competition helped encourage the HF G21’s release. Similarities between the HF G20 and HF G21 show the value Canon places on image clarity. Stationary and fast-moving subjects are sharp and clear for both models. The video lens of each includes an 8-blade circular aperture that supports the professional look of stills and videos.

Canon does not disappoint when comparing the CMOS Pro sensor technology for each camcorder. It’s present in both, improving the recording of low-light performance and boosting the results so that a quality night scene is filmed even without the aid of top-notch lighting equipment. The elements and coatings Canon puts on lenses adds to clarity while discouraging shadow.

Canon VIXIA HF G21
Canon VIXIA HF G21

Microphones, filters, and zoom lenses are professional tools that create advanced control benefits like aperture and shutter priority as well as manual exposure. The Canon HF G21 and HF G20 have microphone jacks in addition to HDMI and USB connectivity. Zoom capability escalates with the HF G21, which includes a 400x zoom lens in addition to the usual 20x zoom.


  • Offers manual image stabilization
  • Sturdy build
  • Record a continuous story of a child or event
  • Compact design for convenient handling
  • Records to both SD cards at the same time
  • Optical image-stabilization system with Dynamic, Powered, and Auto modes


  • High price discourages purchase by amateurs
  • Equipment should be stored and carried in protective case
Canon VIXIA HF G21
Canon VIXIA HF G21


The lightweight Canon VIXIA HF G21 is a user-friendly camcorder that is ideal for first-time users as well as professionals. The video quality is in line with higher-end Canon camcorders, offering versatility while limiting the details needed to effectively make short videos or lengthy recordings. The image sensor and processor work with the optical zoom to put the fun and excitement into making pictures.

The learning curve is as easy or complicated as the user wants to make it. There is a wide variety of instructions online to guide the owner through every step. Back-up storage protects visual records in the event editing needs to be undone. This is a camcorder that begs to be used while encouraging the person to experiment with all the options available, including sound, slow-motion, and delayed filming. Although it is durable, like all electric equipment it must be cared for so that it processes the quality results for which it is quickly becoming known.