Online businesses have been the only growing ones so far in 2021 especially for tech companies. So, if you are looking to jumpstart your company, to make it a brand, you need crunch base. It is one of the most trusted ways to grow your company to a brand. So, in these cases, we need a Crunchbase pro account to get the full information. So, if you are looking for ways to get Crunchbase pro accounts for free, you are in the right place.

However, it is not fit for all different sorts of companies to use any CrunchBase profile. Crunchbase is not necessarily meant for some local or regional start-ups or companies. If you feel that you belong to such a category you should try for better options like GMB (Google My Business) Listings. Thus, Crunchbase is not meant for companies like salon services or any other services such as plumbing or any other human labour services. It is only meant for tech-based companies. And if you feel you are one, then let me tell you, Crunchbase is the perfect match for you and your start-up or company.

Now let’s get a briefing about the formation of Crunchbase.

About CrunchBase

CrunchBase provides the information of the firms as its support i.e., we can rightly declare it as a stage for discovering information regarding the companies which are either into the private sector or even the public ones. If you are a particularly regional language-based company, sadly the CrunchBase is available only in the English language.

If you like a bit of history of CrunchBase, the owner of the firm was TechCrunch until 2015; subsequently, it changed its own title since CrunchBase, Inc. from 2015 and onwards till date. It was initially made and founded by Michael Arrington and started about 1.3 decades back, in the year 2007 during July.

Back in September 2019, it acquired the rank of 2,281 according to the Alexa ranking system which is really great. Their team is not specifically big. The total number of workers working under CrunchBase is currently 153 according to 2019 records.

And the very best aspect of CrunchBase is the fact that it requires no sort of registration or sign-ups from its own customers if you would like basic information about almost any corporation.  To get in-depth details and other useful information you need to get its own pro membership and you need to register on its site.

Difference Between CrunchBase Basics and CrunchBase Pro

CrunchBase Pro provides you access to a complete suite of analytics and search tools – it helps you to find investments in different crucial divisions and other such important information which can be used by you to boost earnings and track the competitors that your firm is having.

How to get CrunchBase Pro Account for free?

You need not pay anything if you want to utilize the CrunchBase Basic plan. However, you if you want to get CrunchBase Pro you need to pay.

In order to get CrunchBase Pro absolutely for free for 7 days, you can sign up for its trial. During this period, you can use it so that you can see the way you want to perform your future actions and other more important info with CrunchBase Pro rather than the CrunchBase Basic.

If you are still finding reasons to use Crunchbase, the Pro version provides you with amazing features such as customized email alerts, advanced research options, as well as various list creation features.

crunchbase account for free

With Crunchbase Pro you’ll be current on the most recent events of your industry using customized emails. It monitors the shareholders, businesses, and the people that you care about with a personalized listing. CrunchBase Pro utilizes an innovative search to detect innovative and useful people and businesses.

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Best Tips to spy your competitors using Crunchbase pro for free

Well, these are the tips to spy your competitors using Crunchbase pro for free:

  • Look closely at the businesses and competitors to your profile. I am telling you to do this because these businesses Appear on searches around the CrunchBase.
  • Additionally, follow The CrunchBase guidelines which are mostly best practices and stay up to date with their emails.


With these Small and easy tips, your organization will soon receive a professional Profile that will help you get a jumpstart to your small business. If you have any doubts on how to use Crunchbase pro account for free, feel free to comment them down below.

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