This article talks about how to get free psn codes. We also explain everything about PSN Code generators in 2021 that works everytime. PSN or PlayStation Network is widely known all over the world among gaming freaks. If you are one, you may already know its history as well. Not going too deep, it is a service for media content distribution and online gaming created by the well-known Sony.

The official portal is It was designed to provide support to the PS3 game console. After then, its services get expanded only and never looked back. We will be discussing free psn codes and ways to get them. Also, you need to know deeply about free psn codes generators. So, let us start.

What are the free psn codes? 

PSN codes or PlayStation Network codes are simply the gift cards. Now, we all know about the gift cards and its importance in a video game. The Sony PlayStation officially issues these, and you can redeem them for making various kinds of purchases in your game. 

And, talking about free psn codes, it is not less than a dream coming true for a gamer. It is like you are not spending any money and still getting all the privileges for the same. 

What are the psn codes generators 2021?

This is all scam. Yes, it may be heartbreaking to know, but it is the truth. There is nothing that exists like a free psn code generator. If anyone claims to give you a free psn code, then, they are merely making you fool. Nothing in this world comes you for free, right? 

You should think that why someone is giving you something significant for free. This is enough to make you understand their intentions. Do not fall for the traps like these. Some of the scammers may explain you the whole procedure in a video or in along text to generate the free psn codes, but beware! They already plan an entire process to fool you and explaining the task in detail is just a part. 

In fact, your device can get infected from the virus. Yes, you never know what the links actually contain. So, before its too late, simply say a big NO to these underhanded methods and try something reliable. 

How to get the free psn codes?

So, now if you are convinced that you must not go into false traps, now, you must try some legit ways to get the psn codes for free. There are some websites that you can trust entirely while other options are also there. The method is worth trying and trustworthy.

Yes, you can get free psn codes without generators. Let us see how.


You must have heard about this website. This site is entirely legal so, you do not have to worry about scams and viruses. You can try considering it to earn your free psn codes. Majority of the people on Swagbucks are from the gaming world itself. And, it may be the reason for its continuous high ranking in the lists. 

Since anything in the world is not free so, they will ask you to complete some tasks, including surveys and playing games. Yes, you need to play even games here so, you can enjoy while earning. After earning some rewards, they can be exchanged with psn gift card codes.

You can also earn other gift cards, deals and discounts apart from just psn codes. This website is really worth your time so, go for it.

Try your luck in Giveaways

Giveaways are always exciting! Yes, you may have already tried a few giveaway contests, but this time, it is different for sure. You can find some various resources to participate. There are multiple channels on you tube, websites and blogs as well as on social media pages, that offer giveaways after particular time intervals. 

Make sure to keep an eye on them so, you won’t have any opportunity. Try your luck and get the prize as free psn codes. Also, if you lose in one, there is another chance around on another platform so, there is no to worry if you are opting for this way. 

But, before entering into the giveaway, make sure that the sources are reliable. If you win, you need to give some of your personal information to claim the prize and obviously, you cannot trust anybody for providing your info like that.


Like Swagbucks, Inboxdollars is another portal that you can trust completely. Here, you need to complete some surveys with all the honesty. And, in return, you can earn the right amount of cash as well as rewards that you can redeem in the form of psn codes for free. 

There are multiple kinds of gift cards that you can get on the platform of InboxDollars. This site is one of the oldest sites for getting rewards like these. 


It is the next site to the list that are trustworthy. GrabPoints has successfully earned a good reputation in the market as well as among its users. With GrabPoints, you need to make a list of tasks available on their site, such as watching videos, downloading applications, playing various games and, participating in surveys. 

But, there is a condition on their website that, if you need to reach a target of three thousand points at least to claim the prize. And, after winning your psn code, you will get it within 48 hours of winning through the mail. They promise to be one of the fastest in the market while giving your rewards. 

Find out on subreddit

Subreddit can be a great platform to offer you a good number of free psn codes. There are a large number of people among us that are not interested in gaming at all but have psn codes with them. They might get them as a birthday gift or as any other winning prize. But, since they are useless for them, they can offer you the same on the subreddit platform.

Now, the conditions with various people are different. Some people may like to give you completely free, but others can exchange you those free psn codes for free. So, be prepared with some good stuff to trade in return for your free codes.

Go for the trial period.

This method can give you free codes by making an account in the trial period. This is obviously the best method among all as you are on the official website. What you need to do is to make a temporary account within the trial period and avail all the benefits and unsubscribe after it ends.

First of all, visit the official site and subscribe to the PlayStation Plus. This is a trial period program for 14 days, but after completing the specified time, you need to pay the subscription fee. After signing in, give your account details to subscribe. But, do not forget to unsubscribe before the end of the trial period.  

Gaming is fun for some, while passion for others. If you are passionate enough, you must try all of these or at least any these methods to earn your free psn codes. And, as we have already discussed that there is no such thing like free psn codes generator, you should not fall for the traps at all. Be confident and enjoy your gaming time. 

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