Garmin Drive 51 LM

Going on a long trip? Why not enjoy a smoother trip with the Garmin Drive 51LM in your car. This is a dedicated GPS navigator that helps you find everything you may require on your journey.

The Drive 51LM is an easy-to-use dedicated GPS navigator that comes with Lifetime Map Updates. With Garmin in your car, you just have to do the driving while the Drive 51 LM takes care of the navigation through its bright 5.0” dual-orientation display!

Garmin Drive 51LM

Garmin Drive 51 LM

Learn about your surroundings

The Garmin Drive 51 LM gives driver alerts about any dangerous curves, railroad and animal crossings and speed changes as well as notifies you of nearby red light and speed cameras. It also warns you if you drive the wrong way on one-way streets and of nearby schools and school zones. You are also given fatigue warnings and suggested possible rest spots after a few hours of driving.

Smartwatch pairing

With wireless pairing with any Garmin Connect compatible smartwatch, you receive navigation alerts on your wrist even after parking your vehicle and walking to your destination. There’s also no worry about losing your car in crowded parking areas as your smartwatch guides you right from your parked vehicle to your destination and back again.

TripAdvisor shows the way

It’s always nice having someone to guide you in the right direction in new and unfamiliar areas, which is just what the Drive 51LM does for you. With TripAdvisor in the GPS, you not only are suggestions for interesting stops on the way with its built-in Trip Planner tool, but you can also view ratings for travel POIs like hotels and attractions en route or near your destination.

Meet your friend, Garmin Real Directions

Stop squinting at distant street signs with the Garmin Drive 51LM in your car. Garmin Real Directions directs you while driving like a friend in the passenger seat, using the help of recognizable landmarks, traffic lights, buildings and spoken street names. It gives easy directions to help you reach your destination.

Quickly locate your destination

The Drive LM 51 has a Direct Access feature that makes it so much easier to find entrances nearest to you in places like the airport and shopping malls. It even helps find the nearest exit to your destination in parking lots. The parking data uses historical data to help find the best parking spot near your destination.

Foursquare gives you more to do and see

With Foursquare in your Garmin Drive Navigator, you get to do and see so much more on your trip. It is loaded with millions of additional places worth visiting like restaurants, shops and other points of interest to add some spark to your journey. Who knows? You may end your trip with a new favorite spot to reminisce!

Compatible with Garmin Backup Camera

You just have to pay a little extra for a complete navigation solution by investing in a BC30 Wireless Backup Camera. Once installed, it helps you see vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles on the Garmin Drive display while in reverse. However, the camera is sold separately and needs professional installation.


  • Foursquare shows you so much more about your destination
  • Direct Access features makes locating your target so much easier
  • Garmin Real Directions works like a friend on the passenger seat
  • Gives driver alerts about upcoming obstacles and cameras
  • TripAdvisor helps plan your trip
  • Pairs with your smartwatch


  • Does not have a built-in dash camera
  • There is no voice control device
  • Have to pay an additional $10 for Canada-pre-loaded maps


The Garmin Drive 51 LM is the perfect navigator if you are traveling alone to a new place. It gives clear directions while you drive, and is compatible with your smartwatch. Its driver alerts help avoid accidents by alerting you of dangerous curves and street lights, and even gives fatigue warnings and informs you of nearby rest spots.