Garmin Drive 51 LMT

Driving can’t get any easier than with the help of a Garmin Drive 51LMT navigator! This GPS unit has modern accessories that make your trip safer and easier. It’s loaded with driver alerts, traffic updates, map updates and provides the latest information to let you drive confidently.

The Drive 51 LMT displays all these details, including brightly colored maps on its 5” glass, dual automatically oriented display. Its Voice Activated Navigation feature lets you provide information to the GPS while its Bluetooth feature provides hands-free calling while driving. Linking with a compatible Smartphone allows you to receive all on-screen notifications on your phone even after parking and heading to your destination.

Garmin Drive 51LMT

Garmin Drive 51 LMT

Incident Notification for accidents

Driver alerts warn you about things like upcoming speed changes, sharp curves, and school areas. If an accident occurs, the Garmin Drive 51 LMT’s Incident Notifications feature delivers a text notification of your accident to your chosen point of contact with the accident spot’s map link. The navigator also offers lifetime traffic updates to keep you informed about potential delays due to accidents, construction or heavy traffic.

Wi-Fi enabled

The built-in Wi-Fi capabilities of the Drive 51LMT let you update maps and software when connected to your Wi-Fi network. There’s no need to waste time searching for computers to update software and maps to learn about new roads or points of interests. It is helpful when there are no computers around when you travel.

With TripAdvisor providing reviews for hotels, restaurants, and attractions on your route, there’s no need to worry about finding a good hotel or restaurant in unknown territory. Let Drive 51LMT do the searching even for available parking garages and lots, and don’t waste time circling the block looking for parking space! You can also let friends know you are OK and track your whereabouts through the LiveTrack feature.

No wasted time in traffic jams

No need to waste time in traffic jams with the Garmin Drive 51LMT guiding you! It helps you outsmart traffic jams by providing time-saving alternate routes so that you avoid them altogether.

The Garmin Drive also warns you if you are driving the wrong way on one-way streets and warns of nearby red light cameras and speed cameras. It also gives fatigue warnings and suggests potential rest areas if it senses you have been driving continuously for several hours without a break.

With your paired Smartwatch on your wrist, you needn’t worry about losing your car in a crowded parking lot, or if you had parked your car a few blocks from the venue visited. The Smartwatch gives you compass guidance from your vehicle to your destination and back.

Spice up your trip

Garmin Real Directions gives easily understood driving directions using the help of recognizable buildings, landmarks and traffic lights, like an actual navigator! It adds more spice to your road trip by suggesting interesting stops and locating new attractions using the navigator’s built-in Trip Planner tool.


  • Lifetime traffic alerts keep you informed about upcoming traffic jams and delays
  • Comes with a 5” glass, dual-orientation touch display screen
  • Garmin Real direction works based on landmark guidance
  • Wi-Fi-enabled to provide map updates while on the go without computer access
  • Live parking updates saves time looking for parking spaces
  • TripAdvisor ratings locates hotels and restaurants in new destinations
  • Driver alerts warn of upcoming diversions and obstacles
  • Fatigue warnings with suggestions for rest stops after continuous driving
  • Helps avoid traffic jams by providing alternate routes
  • Sends a text notification to your point of contact if you meet with an accident


  • Need to pay an additional $10 for Canada maps
  • Absence of a built-in dash camera


You will never feel you are alone when traveling with your Garmin Drive 51 LMT to guide and assist you. It not only provides live map and traffic updates, but it also gives clear driving directions based on recognizable landmarks. The many safety features in the Drive 51 LMT give you all the more reason to like it!