Garmin Drive 61 LM

Looking for a navigator that is more of a friend than a computer? If yes, the Garmin Drive 61 LM may be just what you need. It has so many features that make driving even in unknown locales so much easier!

The Garmin Drive 61 LM comes with a 6” color display for easy viewing night or day. It’s preloaded with US maps, and so many points of interest that make finding specific attractions, restaurants, and hotels so much easier.

Garmin Drive 61 LM

Garmin Drive 61 LM

Great Navigational Companion

It’s the many affordable features that come with the navigator that make it your driving partner. It uses notifications to inform you of upcoming school zones and dangerous curves to keep you and others safe on the roads.

It even sends fatigue warnings if it senses you have been driving along for too long and suggests places to stop for a break and to grab a bite. Garmin Real Directions provides easy directions on where to turn, and landmarks to look out. You end up observing what’s around you instead of just concentrating on the GPS display.

FourSquare and TripAdvisor

With FourSquare and TripAdvisor features on board, you can get instant updates on reviews posted by people about your destination. Check the customer ratings and reviews on hotels, and attractions to help narrow down the most desirable places to visit. The Garmin Drive 61LM also offers a built-in Trip Planner that helps you define your travel route.

Choose your Route

Set your course based on your time, places of interest or distance. You can direct your Drive 61LM to direct you to your destination as quickly as possible when you have no time to spare. If you are concerned about distance but not time, you can program it to travel within city limits or on a less traveled route to minimize mileage. If you love scenery, just program it to take a less direct route with great scenic views.

Customized POIs

The Garmin Drive 61LM lets you add additional points of interests like Tourist spots, shopping areas or restaurants that your system may not recognize. You can then transfer your custom locations manually or through the computer with the help of appropriate software.

Use Correct Lane

The Garmin Drive 61 LM offers a Lane Assist feature that adjusts lanes while approaching turns or exits so that you easily navigate through unfamiliar areas. It also lets you view upcoming road junctions while a bright colored arrow indicates right side of the intersection to drive on.

Preloaded Maps

With the vast selection of preloaded maps offered with the GPS system, there’s no need to load compatible maps while setting out on a car journey. Just switch on the device and take a look at detailed maps of potential future destinations.

Routes to Avoid

If you want to avoid some highways, tolls or if for some reason you don’t want to follow the exact GPS location, you can use the Drive 61 LM’s route avoidance feature and avoid these places.


  • Speed limit indicator keeps you informed about speed limits wherever you go
  • Preloaded US maps rids you of the job of loading compatible maps when setting off on a journey
  • Includes a suction cup mount and power cable, and a USB cable
  • Provides driver alerts of upcoming curves, schools, and speed changes
  • Gives fatigue warnings and suggests places to take a break when traveling
  • Guides you to correct lanes for easy navigation in unfamiliar terrain
  • Receive reviews and updates on hotels and desirable places to visit
  • Choose routes you want, and don’t want to take


  • The navigator does not offer a built-in dash camera
  • No option for receiving fresh traffic updates
  • No voice control feature


The Garmin Drive 61 LM is indeed a navigator worth having on your next long journey. It alerts you of upcoming obstacles, lets you customize your route to take and not take, lists hotels and POIs worth visiting and also reminds you to take a break if it senses you are tired. What more could you expect from a car navigation system?