Garmin nuvi 2555LMT

5-inch is a great form factor for a device nowadays. Just look at all the available smartphone and GPS devices boasting 5-inch screens. Bigger screen size opens up the possibility for higher screen resolutions but text and map detail will remain easier to see on 5-inch screens regardless of the resolution. Since GPS devices nowadays rely on a touch interface, a larger screen size also means that the interface is easier to navigate. When you mix the simple interface of a Garmin device with a 5-inch display, you end up with a highly capable GPS device. There are plenty of affordable 5-inch Garmin nuvi devices in the 2400 series but it is the 2500 series that should get the recognition because they represent the 2012 family of new Garmin devices boasting some great improvements over their predecessors. The Garmin nuvi 2555LMT not only has these new improvements but it also boasts a low price tag for a 5-inch GPS device.

Garmin nuvi 2555LMT
Garmin nuvi 2555LMT


When looking for the Garmin nuvi 2555LMT, check the model number because the Garmin nuvi 2555LMT shares a pretty similar design to the older 5-inch models. Garmin probably did this because many people praised the design of their past Garmin products. The sleek and thin design doesn’t really need sweeping changes.


Garmin has successfully improved their interface without alienating fans of the older interface. In fact, the home screen still displays the familiar two icons. This lets you move straight to the map view to see any points of interest nearby or plan a quick route. But the difference between the old interface lies on the performance where navigation feels quicker. You also don’t have to use the menu for finding businesses. To separate the Garmin nuvi 2555LMT and other 2012 Garmin GPS devices from the older ones, Garmin decided to call this new interface Garmin Guidance 2.0.

Unsurprisingly, the lane assist with junction view makes an appearance once again in the Garmin nuvi 2555LMT. But this time, some nice improvements were added to make this lane assist feature even more useful. With the Garmin nuvi 2555LMT and other models sporting the Garmin Guidance 2.0 interface, you can activate the photoReal junction view to figure out which lane you need to be in while still seeing the map view. On the 5-inch display, this split screen view works wonderfully where you can still see the lane details clearly. Since GPS devices are placed in landscape, it makes sense to have the junction view on one side and the map on the other side. But Garmin nuvi 2555LMT also comes with a new portrait view so you can rotate the GPS device to portrait and have the views laid out vertically.

The Garmin Guidance 2.0 improvement extends outside the interface as well. This is where shooting for a free lifetime traffic model is actually worth the money because the new 3D Traffic feature checks the traffic conditions a lot more frequently.

Just like other Garmin nuvi models with the LMT suffix, lifetime maps are thrown in as well and work just like the older devices. Every year, you can update the maps 4 times which should be sufficient but unlike the older devices, the out-of-box experience is much better as there are already 8 million points of interest preinstalled.

Unusually, there are a couple of features absent including the ecoRoute feature and the Garmin Lock feature. On a slight upside, you can still get the ecoRoute feature if you don’t mind purchasing this useful gas-saving feature. But more importantly, there are some good extra features included like geotagging support, pedestrian navigation, exit services and plenty of other goodies. The microSD card slot needs to be utilized to use most of these features. Although the Garmin nuvi 2555LMT cannot read MP3 files it can use a picture viewer to read image files. The Garmin Garage service also lets you customize some aspects of the Garmin device such as the vehicle icon shown on the map or the voice of the text-to-speech ability.

Bottom Line

A few years back, you would have to pay more than $200 for a GPS device with lifetime maps and traffic features. But a 5-inch device with these characteristics priced at less than $200 is a fantastic deal. Remember, the Garmin nuvi 2555LMT is not an entry-level device and the new performance improvements make this device even better than some of the more premium older models.

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