GoPro HERO5 Black

I don’t mean to offend anyone, but in my opinion, if you have not yet heard about GoPro action cams, then you really haven’t actually heard about action cams in the first place. Sure, I know they are not the cheapest action cams on the market. I have been reminded about this more times than I care to remember, but as countless people can attest to; GoPro is undeniably one of the very best brands out there. In fact, I am very tempted to say that on a dollar for dollar basis, no other action cam brand comes close.

GoPro cameras are synonymous with quality and dependability; they are rugged, and they are exceptionally well-suited for recording virtually all types of outdoor activities and recording in any and all weather conditions. Even the cheapest GoPro action cam allows you to shoot videos astonishingly professional looking, even if you have absolutely no photography experience at all. In that respect, GoPro has successfully put professional video creation within reach of anyone and everyone.

Going on a skiing holiday and you want to record those exhilarating moments where you’re rocketing down the slopes? Are you going whitewater rafting and you would like to capture the nail-biting ride on video? A GoPro camera allows you to do just that, and they allow you to do it in style with built-in state-of-the-art wind noise reduction and image stabilization technology.

GoPro Hero5 Black

GoPro HERO5 Black

GoPro Hero5 Black – Is This the World’s Greatest Action Cam?

Okay, the best way for me to describe the GoPro HERO5 Black in as few words as possible would be for me to say that GoPro, have simply taken their Hero Session to a whole new level. In fact, in some of the reviews which I have read, the Hero5 Session has been described as a “scrappy and more affordable” version of the Hero5 Black. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that the Hero5 Session is a poor quality action cam because it is definitely not. However, the GoPro Hero5 Black is certainly a lot better, but obviously, if you want all the extra bells and whistles, then you have to be willing to fork out more money. Right, let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy features you get with theHero5 Black.

One of the first things you’ll notice if you are familiar with the Hero5 Session is the fact that the Hero5 Black has a completely new design, along with a much-appreciated 2” touch screen which really makes life a lot easier. As with GoPro’s other Hero models, the Hero5 Black is waterproof to a depth of 33ft (10m) with the need for any additional housing. Another much-needed improvement is the bigger battery. That’s right, GoPro has finally decided to increase battery size.

GoPro Hero5 Black 2" Touchscreen
GoPro Hero5 Black 2″ Touchscreen

Not only has the Hero5 Black got a bigger battery, but its battery is also replaceable, meaning that you can order a few additional lithium-ion batteries in order to ensure you always have some extra battery power on hand.

For years, GoPro fans have been asking for better image stabilization, and now they have it. If you think image stabilization is was great with other GoPro action cam, you are definitely going to be pleasantly surprised when you see much better it is with the Hero5 Black. Wind noise has always been a big problem when shooting “action” videos, but GoPro have made huge advances as far as this is concerned, and the Hero5 Black is proof of the company’s commitment to this. Okay, Let’s take a look at the most cited pros and cons of the GoPro Hero5 Black.

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  • Touch Screen Display – Unlike other GoPro Hero models, the Hero5 Black has a 2” touchscreen display. It might not be as big as what some people were hoping for, but it really does make life a whole lot easier because most of the camera’s functions can now be controlled via the screen rather than having to mess around with a couple of buttons.
  • Improved Technology – Everything, from image stabilization to wind noise reduction technology has been greatly improved when compared to the other action cams in this series.
  • Versatility – The Hero5 Black is compatible with all GoPro camera mounts, which essentially means your camera can follow you wherever you go.


  • Price – With a price tag of around $400, there will inevitably be a lot of people who feel that the Hero5 Black is too pricey.
  • Learning Curve – The Hero5 Black is surprisingly easy to use, but if you want to record and edit videos like a professional, you will need to spend some time getting used to the controls.

Update: There is a newer model > GoPro HERO6 Black