GoPro Hero5 Session

It seems like it was just the other day when most people still owned decent standalone cameras, but as we all know, today’s smartphones have virtually driven traditional cameras to the brink of extinction. Obviously, serious photographers still rely on good standalone cameras, but for the most part, simple “point and Shoot” cameras have probably disappeared for all eternity.

GoPro Hero5 Session

GoPro Hero5 Session

GoPro Action Cameras

Unlike many smaller camera manufacturers, GoPro saw an open niche, and the company dived straight in, introducing the world to true photographic innovation. These days, if you even mention an action camera, people usually take it for granted that you are talking about a GoPro camera. In all fairness, GoPro genuinely does deserve the reputation they have, because as many people will attest to, very few other brands come even remotely close to GoPro if it is an action camera you are after.

GoPro cameras are designed specifically for people who want to record some of the most exciting experiences in their lives; for people who love to be in the heart of the action, and want to capture those moments forever. With a robust and waterproof design, GoPro phones can accompany you on virtually any adventure you can imagine, and you can rest assured knowing that your camera is not going to let you down.


One of the first things I should mention is that the GoPro Hero5 Session action cam costs around $100 more than the standard Hero Session model. With that having been said, the additional $100 is definitely money well spent. In other words, if you afford the extra outlay, you won’t be disappointed because the Hero5 Session is really quite an impressive little beast.

As any GoPro fan would expect, the Hero5 Session is waterproof to a depth of up to 33ft (10m). As with the other Hero Session models, the Hero5 has a cube design, with each side measuring only 1.5 inches (38mm). Its small size makes it an ideal mountable action cam that you can mount on a helmet; a pet; a surfboard; a kayak, and etc.

Now, one could argue that the cheaper Hero Session model has the same features as those mentioned above, but I can assure you, the similarities end there. To begin with, the Hero5 Session features excellent image stabilization technology. In fact, image stabilization with this camera is so impressive that I will even go as far as saying that you need to see it for yourself in order to believe it.

Another remarkable feature of this camera is that it shoots impressive 4K stabilized video. Added to this is the fact that it also features a number of different “field of view” modes which can make a huge difference to the way your videos turn out. Also, if you are a drone flying enthusiast, you will be pleased to know that this camera is 100% compatible with the GoPro Karma drone and the GoPro Gimbal.

By the way, GoPro has also incorporated very impressive wind-noise reduction technology. I won’t go into that now, but I’m sure you can imagine just how valuable this feature is. As far as looks are concerned, the Hero5 Session looks identical to the regular Hero Session; apart from the fact that the Hero has a glossy black finish, while the Hero5 Session has a matte black finish. Okay, let’s take a look at the main pros and cons:

GoPro Hero5 Session
GoPro Hero5 Session


  • Compact Design – The square 1.5-inch design of the Hero5 Session makes it one of the most compact action cams on the market. This makes it perfect for mounting, either on yourself, or on something like a drone, a surfboard, or whatever else you can think of.
  • Wind Noise Reduction – Now you can record high-velocity experiences without having to edit out noise interference caused by wind.
  • Image Stabilization – This camera has very impressive image stabilization. Forget the image stabilization you got used with your old digital cameras because the GoPro Hero5 Session takes stabilization to a whole new level.
  • Waterproof – The Hero5 is waterproof to 33ft (10m).
  • 4K Video – Despite its extremely compact design, the Hero5 can shoot stabilized 4K video.
  • Photo Burst – A “photo burst” feature allows you to capture up to 30 10MP shots per second.


  • Battery – The Hero5 is powered solely by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, meaning that if your battery runs out, you cannot simply switch to regular batteries.

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