Garmin Oregon 700

A must-have accessory on your next kayaking, hunting, climbing or trail riding trip is the Garmin Oregon 700 GPS device. It’s redesigned antenna offers better satellite reception to have the outdoors at your fingertips.

You are assured of a superior geocaching experience with the Oregon 700 through its wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You no longer have to manually enter coordinates or print cache details on paper as the Garmin Oregon 700 can be set to automatically update with the latest Geocaching caches.

Garmin Oregon 700

Garmin Oregon 700

Extended connectivity

You can also share all your geocache discoveries and LiveTrack location data with other compatible Garmin handheld devices using Garmin Oregon 700’s expanded wireless capabilities.

Bluetooth connectivity with compatible Smartphone let you receive smart notifications on your device to keep you updated with whatever’s going on while you are away from everything!

A complete navigation device

No GPS review is complete without mention of the device’s navigation system. Well, the Garmin Oregon 700 is no novice here as its GPS, GLONASS and ABC (altimeter, barometer and compass) sensor capabilities offer comprehensive navigation directions to help guide you both on and off the beaten track.

Its built-in altimeter keeps you updated with elevation data so that you can accurately monitor any ascent and descent you make. The short-term trends in air pressure displayed on the barometer help you predict weather changes so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

And finally, it is the 3-axis electronic compass which helps keep your bearings whether you are moving or not. To ensure you don’t end up getting lost, the Garmin Oregon 700 also has a TracBack feature which helps direct you back to the starting point of your journey. The TracBack feature can also be used to keep track of locations like campsite and points of interest for return navigation purposes.

All vividly displayed

All this data you receive through the Oregon 700 is vividly displayed on its bright, sunlight-readable 3” color touchscreen display. You can choose between a landscape and portrait view with its dual orientation feature.

The display can be customized using the help of the many free apps, widgets and data fields downloads available at the ConnectIQ online store where you can also build your own apps!

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Easy use while on the water

Whether you are on the road or water, the Garmin Oregon 700 remains by your side, offering its navigation skills. It supports various mapping options- the City Navigation NT to receive turn-by-turn driving directions and the BlueChart G2 to help you with water navigation at your fingertips.

If you are outdoors, you have Huntview Mapping and Garmin Topo to help with your outdoor adventures navigation. So you can see that the Oregon device is built to keep on delivering important mapping and tracking data to you no matter where you go and no matter what elements you face.

Rugged design

All this is possible because of the unit’s durable housing, built with an ergonomic and rugged design according to waterproof IPX7 standards to withstand dust, dirt, and humidity. All you need are 2 AA batteries to use the unit for a maximum of 16 hours and to save up to 10,000 waypoints and 250 routes.

Plan your next trip

You can now plan your next adventure using the help of free BaseCamp trip-planning software to take a look at, and organize maps, tracks, routes and waypoints. You can also use the software to create Garmin adventures to share with family, friends and fellow online explorers on Garmin’s online platform.

The Garmin Oregon 700 displays all the stored topographic map data, including contour lines and elevation profiles on your computer screen. If you pair it with a BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription, it can transfer an unlimited number of satellite images to your device.


So looking at all these great features, it looks like the Garmin Oregon 700 is the perfect GPS and GLONASS device for the adventure lover. It helps you find your bearings not only on land, but also on water and at high altitudes and offers a high level of connectivity through its Bluetooth, ANT+, and Wi-Fi.