It wasn’t too long ago that in order to play a game, we would need to visit a physical store, purchase (or rent) a disk, and then go home to play the game. There were times when games sold out or came with hefty price tags, which meant that gaming sometimes wasn’t accessible to all. Nowadays, things are really different, with games available via download & even options to play via streaming platforms with no need to download anything at all. 

New Netflix Games

Netflix has offered a range of films and TV series via its streaming service for a number of years. However, to keep up with customer demand, they are now adding even more games to their platform. They’re due to add a handful of new games this month, including Exploding Kittens – which has been a popular board game for a while & is also a Netflix series due to be released next year.

It isn’t just Exploding Kittens that Netflix is adding; they have a range of games, including

  • Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt
  • Dragons Up
  • Stranger Things

The Changing Technology

Technology within gaming is changing all the time, offering enhanced gaming opportunities to those that like to spend time playing online. Online casinos now have more interactive games, their own standalone apps and even live video dealers – another way for gamers to experience games via streaming. Computer games have benefited from technology, too, with multiplayer games growing in popularity all the time. Many games are starting to have microtransactions and other add-ons included, too, helping players to enjoy everything the game has to offer.

Online gaming is nothing new, but the introduction of more streaming options is another way in which the world of gaming is evolving.

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