It is easy to desire to become a writer but taking bold steps into your desire is what will help actualize it. Everyone can become a writer as long as they have a passion for writing. The world today is seeking content creators who can focus on writing unique content for marketing, information, and teaching.

The process of becoming a writer might seem impossible at first but those who start finally make it. They develop their passion and identity their niche. Through diverse practice, they soon become seasoned writers. The following steps will help you become a writer.

Start to read widely 

To read widely doesn’t mean to go back to the classroom. It means to read information about the art of writing. For example, if you want to work as an essay writer in some writing service, read about the skills you need for this job. It will help you understand better the ins and outs of professional essay writing.

There is a lot of information you can read about becoming a professional writer like reading tricks of making money as a writer. The information will help explore various writing opportunities online such as self-publishing, freelancing, and academic writing.

Other useful information to read is the guides to writing professionalism. You will learn how to market yourself or create a website. You can also read various types of books such as fiction stories, poetry, or informative novels.

Reading widely will give you several advantages. You will develop better language knowledge which is important in writing. You will get ideas about where to start your writing career. You will know where to get useful information to help build your writing experience.

Reading gives you ideas on where to get clients and what to charge for your work. You will read stories of other writers about the challenges they endured. This is how writers get motivated to continue with their writing passion.

Identify your writing niche

The writing field is broad with each field adopting a specific wring style. You can venture into book writing, academic, articles, etc. You can choose to write your own content and sell it online or to write for individuals and companies at a fee. There are different ways to help you identify your niche.

  • Know what you are good at – You might be good in several areas but there is one unique area in that you are better than the rest. You could be good at describing products or writing marketing content. You might be good at writing stories or attractive blogs.
  • Find gaps in the market: You might identify a niche that is too competitive. Your work quality will help you get established in that niche. However, you will face lesser competition if you identify a gap and fill it.
  • Find your passion: Passion is what will drive you to do well in your niche. A niche can be broad but your passion is specific. For example, if your niche is book writing. That is a broad field. Passion is the specific book genre you want to write.
  • Be specific about your person: You might want to write about travel. Decide whether you want to write about traveling anywhere globally, in a continent or country. You may want to provide information about domestic travel or international.

Develop your writing practice

You must develop your writing practice to build skills. If you want to become a skilled writer fast, develop a habit of writing daily. If you write once a week or a few times a month, you might never become a skilled writer.

For example, if you want to write a book, develop a goal to write a chapter daily. You will eventually complete your book and soon start to write your next story. Think daily about what you want to write next to help you get ideas constantly. Several daily steps will help you achieve your writing goal.

  • Set manageable goals daily: Do not set goals that you can never achieve. Instead, set simpler goals and keep adding as you build skills.
  • Remove distractions: Many distractions prevent writers from reaching their goals. They can be social media, friends, TV, telephone, etc. You may use focus applications to help you focus on writing. Switch off the TV, and avoid entertaining friends when it’s writing time.
  • Don’t procrastinate: Keep writing daily while avoiding procrastination. When you feel like you are getting stressed or frustrated, take a break and relax.
  • Use every writing opportunity you get: Anytime you get a chance to write, go ahead and write. Practicing writing is a great way to develop your writing skills.

Write for others and get paid

It might take you some time to develop the skills of writing. Although you could be writing something daily, it can be hard to know if you are ready or not. The easier way to know is to write for others and get paid. Different methods will help you achieve this goal.

  • Start by building your portfolio: Most people who hire writers will first ask to see your portfolio. It is easy to build one by using the content you’ve been writing daily. Choose the content that you feel is the best quality.
  • Pitch for writing tasks: Do not wait until you see someone advertising to hire freelancers. Search for potential websites and begin to pitch for tasks. Explain why you believe you will write the best content and be positive.
  • Get the best writing tools: Writing tools will help you write quality content. Get grammar editing tools, plagiarism checkers, topic creators, etc. they will help you write better.
  • Do not restrict yourself: Before you get skills, you might not want to restrict yourself to one niche. Expand your horizons and pitch to other niches. The experience will help you understand how to write different writing styles.

Brand yourself

Branding yourself means using different strategies to let people know you exist. Competition is tough and only writers who brand themselves get to be known fast. People may not give you business immediately but as long as they know you exist; they will look for you at one point. There are different self-branding strategies you can use.

  • Create a brand name: Start by creating a name with which customers will identify you. Anytime they want your services, they will search for that name and place an order.
  • Get a presence: Your next step is to let people know you exist. Get present on various platforms. You can post your brand on social media, blogs, and video streaming media.
  • Network with like-minded people: You can achieve a small goal by yourself, the results will be tremendous if you work with others. Create a network of writers and companies to make sure people learn about you widely.
  • Do not ignore feedback: Feedback is necessary whether it is negative or positive. Listen to what customers are saying. Listen to professionals and be willing to rectify.

Create a writer’s website

A writer’s website will help you market your brand. When clients make orders, they will use the information on the website to make payments. It contains your portfolio, contact information, and ordering process information. Follow the right steps to create a good website.

  • Get a good domain name: A domain name for a writer’s website should be relevant. Anyone who comes across the domain name should know the website owner is a writer. Avoid a complex domain name.
  • Get a good host: Your website host will determine how fast the site opens. If it takes too long to open, visitors will abandon their search to look for a fast site.
  • Include your portfolio: Build your writing portfolio on your website so that visitors will access it and read it at any time. Your portfolio is your best marketing tool.
  • Include payment options: Clients prefer websites that provide multiple payment methods. Design it in a way that you will have several payment options.
  • Launch it: Once you have created the website, confirm if it captures everything you wanted. If it has launched it and begins marketing it.

Write your own content

As you gain writing skills, begin to write your own content and market it. Your content will help you market yourself better. It is easier to engage other people after starting to write your content. There are different ways to achieve it.

Types of content you can create: You may write blogs, articles, videos, podcasts. Create content that will sell in your niche.

Create a plan: Create a plan that will help you create the best content and market it. You must set achievable goals to help you move in the right direction. If you are not sure the type of style to choose or how to write, it is better to hire a writer to write for you. Every time you publish your content, share it widely on other platforms.

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