With the development of the Internet, many users want to open their own online resources that would bring not only moral satisfaction but also monetary profit. In this article, we will tell you about the ways to monetize a website, including the Vulkan Partners program. 

Types of earnings with the website

Earning money on the website is a promising direction, but only for those who are ready to work hard. The choice of a way to make a profit will depend on the type of website, its theme, and its functionality. So let’s take a look at the universal methods that will suit most resources.

Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a way of promoting yourself on the Internet when webmasters send traffic to a merchant’s website for a reward. The scheme involves four parties, and everyone wins:

  1. affiliate network;
  2. client;
  3. partner;
  4. advertiser.

Where should Affiliate Marketing be used? 

The simplest example of using the tool is when a brand is mentioned in the publications of a media personality on a social media page. Celebrities go to restaurants, buy clothes and groceries, and use cosmetics. 

If we talk about specific areas where affiliate marketing and the V.Partners affiliate program will be successful, these are

  • e-commerce;
  • information business;
  • B2B segment. 

Affiliate marketing is good because it has almost no boundaries. The right strategy, choice of platforms, and performers will bring benefits to every advertiser.


Advertising is set up to show products relevant to the topic of the resource or section. Pay-per-click advertising can be:

  • contextual;
  • banner;
  • teaser. 

Let’s imagine that an advertiser’s ad is placed on a partner’s website. If it catches the user’s attention and he or she goes to a resource with a product, the seller receives information about it. This is how they make sure that the partner’s mission is successful.

Native advertising in the post

Advertising that is not immediately recognizable as advertising. Skillful bloggers disguise it as their daily posts, answers to questions, and simple recommendations. Such ads are best perceived by users and are easy to prepare for skilled bloggers.

Separate advertising posts dedicated to your product

As a rule, professional studio photos are taken, and serious preparation is carried out to create them. The quality of the content plays a particularly important role here.

Review videos and articles

In reviews, the content creator can describe in detail and demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of the product so that the reader or viewer can make a purchase decision.

As with other content formats, it is important to present information to your audience in an open and honest manner. 

Review materials are interesting for video and lifestyle bloggers, as well as for many niche platforms dedicated to technology, gaming, etc. For example, if a blogger likes a new model of sneakers, he or she can give the product a special tracking link in the store or in the description of the video and receive a commission from each order.

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