When pregnancy photoshoots first developed as one of the trends in photography, the pictures were quite monotonous. Strictly pastel pink or blue tones, lace peignoirs, light studios.

Now everything has changed. The variety of styles, ideas, images, and interiors strikes the imagination. Therefore, the mother-to-be, who decided to capture her pregnancy, will have a lot to choose from.

For the most successful shoot, you should not only find a professional photographer but also get some basic knowledge of the art of photography. To find out what ISO means in photography, read Skylum’s blog.

Choosing a location for the shooting

The first thing to do is to choose a location for the shooting, which can be held indoors or outdoors. In the latter case, you can choose any desired location: park, field, riverside or lake, and even your garden.

In this case, take into account the weather conditions, the concept of future frames, as well as the state of health. It is not uncommon that, despite the warm weather and beautiful sunny days, a studio or home shoot is more appropriate.

At home

At home, expectant mothers feel cozier, safer, and more comfortable. And this very state is most favorable for the result of the process.

During photoshoots at home, it is very important to involve the father-to-be in the process. In the future, for the already grown-up child, these photos will be very important and valuable.

In the studio

Studio shooting, however, has many advantages. Among them are:

  • No dependence on weather conditions;
  • Availability of required accessories and attributes;
  • Possibility to change the image at any time without any problems;
  • The interior areas;
  • The possibility to implement almost any idea.

It is worth noting that the photo session of pregnant women in the studio is convenient for both the model and the performer of the shoot. In the building, you can create all the necessary conditions for the realization of your idea, set up the required lighting, and arrange the scenery.

woman in red dress sitting on green grass field during daytime


Photoshooting of pregnant women can be held outdoors, which is the most actual in the summer period of the year. Excellent pictures are taken in the park, woods, fields, and near the river. Pictures taken outdoors are very bright and saturated, which is difficult to achieve indoors.

The only disadvantage of street photography is its dependence on weather conditions. After all, if the weather goes bad, the event will have to be postponed.

How to choose the best clothes and makeup for a pregnancy photoshoot

The clothes should be comfortable. It is better if it will not hinder the movement, causing discomfort. Give preference to sundresses, blouses, and shirts. Although it is worth noting that the choice of clothing depends on the main idea of photography.

As an alternative to clothes, you can use pieces of fabric from chiffon or silk. This variant of “dressing up” is popular for pregnancy photoshoots in both studios and outdoors. The result is the sweetest, most delicate shots.

As for the makeup, it should match the image. If it is extravagant, then the makeup should be bright. But when shooting in nature or the style of, for example, Provence, it is better to give preference to more natural makeup.

Pregnancy photoshoots: ideas and the best poses

There are no clear rules in choosing poses for pregnancy photoshoots. There are only two criteria, and they are universal: convenience for the model and revealing her natural beauty in the frame. It is unlikely that anyone would dare to run and jump in such a “delicate” position. Here are a few ideas:

  • In the room for the baby-to-be. If you have already started preparing for the baby and have built a separate room, it is worth taking some pictures in it. Photos with your partner near the baby’s bed look touching. You can complement the scene with various accessories, such as balloons and small baby bunnies.
  • The silhouette photograph. It is most relevant for black and white photography. Frames with silhouettes are usually taken in profile, which will emphasize the special “position” of the woman;
  • Country style. Such photos can be taken at a summer house, in a cottage, or in a garden. As accessories, you should use: homemade wreaths, ribbons, straw hats, bunches of flowers;
  • Photo at sunset. To get really beautiful pictures, the photo session should be held in an open, spacious area: in the field, near a river, on a bridge. The main thing is that the nearby trees should not obscure the rays of the setting sun. The best time to shoot is 40-60 minutes before sunset;
  • Classic shots in beautiful floor-length dresses. Such an idea is actually for those who appreciate refinement, luxury, and classics. The ideal place for such a photo session would be a professional-themed studio.

Final Thoughts

It is worth remembering that the photography process can take up to 2-3 hours. At this event, the model will have to pose, stand, sit still, and change clothes. In late pregnancy, this can be uncomfortable. And this should be taken into account. We also advise you to prepare for the upcoming photo shoot by reading some useful articles about photography. If you want to know what ISO means in photography, read Skylum’s blog. We wish you inspiration and great shots!

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