If you are running a business, then you will already hear about “SAP Concur,” but if you do not know about it, then you are at the right place. Here, you will get all information about it that you need to know.

Businesses left traditional ways like papers and spreadsheets for management and started using tech-based software like SAP Concur for travel and expense management. It makes all the processes related to travel and expense management rapid and accurate. Additionally, the software gives them automated and advanced functionality.

What is SAP Concur? 

When it comes to travel and expense management software, then SAP Concur stands among the top solutions. It is a popular and heavily used platform all around the world for better expense and travel management.

This software is reliable for businesses of all sizes and plays a vital role in enhancing their management system. This software offers a combined solution for both expense and travel management, so users do not need to use different software for this management.

It makes the management accurate and quick. SAP Concur promises to simplify expense-streamlining, tracking, management, and control easily and rapidly. It gives a wonderfully easy experience to users.


The following are the major features of SAP Concur:

  • It automates travel and expense management processes and makes them easy for companies.
  • It lets companies and their finance teams streamline, track, maintain, and control expenses.
  • It gives accurate insights and analytics related to the company’s expenses so that companies can make rapid decisions. It also helps in forecasting.
  • Companies can set and control their travel expense using the analytics provided by the software.
  • It allows employees to make and submit reports in a few clicks.
  • It allows employees to capture receipts and make expense reports quickly.
  • It simplifies expense reimbursement.
  • It helps companies to detect and reduce fraud.

SAP Concur Major Elements 

SAP Concur gives a combined solution to companies for expense and travel management. It makes it easy and rapid for organizations to manage their expense and travel. Following are some of the major elements of SAP Concur, which give wonderful benefits to businesses:

1. SAP Concur Expense 

SAP Concur offers this feature to users to manage their expenses easily. It helps organizations to easily streamline, track, maintain, and control their expenses. It helps an organization manage its expenditures and spending from different sources.


This feature of SAP Concur offers the following advantages:

  • Companies can streamline, track, and manage all their expenses using these features
  • It allows employees to capture receipts and make expense reporting easy for them
  • It ensures the enforcement of the expense policy that the company set for reimbursement
  • It makes the process of reimbursement fast and error-free
  • It gives better insights and data visibility to users so they can make data-driven decisions

2. SAP Concur Travel 

SAP Concur Travel is also an element or feature that SAP Concur’s expense and travel management solution provides. It helps organizations plan their travel according to the set travel expense. It makes travel expense management easy for businesses.


Following are the major advantages that you can get through this feature

  • It gives the best insights for travelers to plan their travel
  • Enable companies to check the location of their employees and track mileage during travel
  • It helps companies to manage traveling expense
  • Make traveling expense reimbursement easy and rapid
  • Automate the travel reservation, accommodation, and tracking

Why do companies use SAP Concur? 

SAP Concur is a travel and expense management software that simply expense tracking and management easy for companies. A business that has a large range of data to organize and manage uses SAP Concur to easily track, maintain, and manage its expenses.

How can SAP Concur be advantageous for companies? 

Following are some of the major advantages of SAP Concur:

  • Single solution for travel and expense management 

The key feature that companies get with SAP Concur is that it provides them with a combined solution for their travel and expense management. They do not need to use different software or solution for their travel and expense management.

  • Reliable 

SAP Concur is a reliable and cost-effective solution for companies. It reduces the manual process and paper workflow, which is time taking and costly as well.

  • Process Automation

It automated all the management processes, which saves time and effort for employees and organizations also.

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