TomTom GO 52

These days, it would seem as though nearly every half-decent smartphone comes with GPS capabilities, but it is blatantly obvious that this has hardly had any impact at all on the popularity of stand-alone GPS devices. After all, the market is literally awash with different makes and models, and new ones keep arriving all the time, including the recently launched TomTom GO 52 which is featured in this review. Anyway, rather than drifting off topic, let us take a look at the GO 52, and see if it is the right GPS unit for you:

TomTom GO 52

TomTom GO 52

A Brief Overview of the TomTom GO 52

TomTom describes this unit as an affordable GPS device that features intelligent navigation, real-time traffic updates, and a range of other useful features, including built-in WiFi and etc. While these features can certainly help to grab someone’s attention, it should however be noted that the other features included in this unit are just as useful and just as practical. In fact, if you compare the Go 52 to some other models, it quickly becomes apparent that the TomTom GO 52 is all about practicality.

If you are looking for a GPS unit with a bunch of extras, such as music storage for example, then the GO 52 probably isn’t the best option for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for an uncluttered clean-cut unity which is both practical and easy to use, then this unit could very well be a great choice. However, even though I personally think this is a really nice unit, and especially when you consider its relatively low cost, there are a few things which potential buyers should be aware of:

The TomTom GO 52 Screen

While most of the other models in this class have 800×480 pixel screens, the GO 52 only has a 480×272 pixel screen. Of course, this has helped to keep the price of this unit down, so at the end of the day, it all boils down to personal choice. If you must have a higher quality screen, then you need to be willing to fork out more money.

Personally, I would not be put off from buying this unit simply because of the screen, and I think most people won’t even notice any difference when they have this unit mounted on the windshields.

Smartphone Connectivity – Keeping You Safe and Saving You Money

Many people would assume that TomTom has managed to keep the cost of the GO 52 down simply by limiting its features, and maybe lowering overall quality. In truth, this is most certainly not the case. To the contrary, the relatively low price of this unit has not compromised the quality at all, and neither has it resulted in a shortage of features.

So, how did TomTom manage to keep this cost so low? This was made possible simply by incorporating smartphone connectivity. Basically, your smartphone becomes a part of the GO 52, so this part of your GPS unit is free because you already own a smartphone.

Wireless smartphone connectivity also means that your phone can stay in your pocket rather than in one of your hands, meaning that you can keep both hands on the wheel while you are driving. You can also keep both eyes on the road because if you receive any text messages, your GO 52 can read them to you. It is also compatible with some virtual assistants, including Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Google Now. Okay, let us now take a look at the main pros and cons of the TomTom Go 52:


  • Very Affordable – At around $179, the TomTom GO 52 really does represent outstanding value for your money, and it certainly puts quality GPS convenience within the reach of a wide audience.
  • Built In WiFi – I think for most people, the benefits of built-in WiFi will be pretty obvious, with one of the main benefits being that you don’t need to connect to a computer in order to receive updates and etc.
  • Intelligent Navigation – The GO 52 uses intelligent navigation technology and even has the ability to learn from your driving habits. The more you use it, the more efficient it will become, and the more accurate it will become. Advanced lane guidance, speed camera notifications, and so much more are now within easy reach.


  • Battery Life – The GO 52 only has a battery life of around 1 hour. When you are driving in your car, then this will obviously not be a problem because you can have it plugged in. However, if you ever need to use it as a hand-held unit away from your vehicle, then the short battery life could be a problem.