TomTom VIA 1415M

TomTom is one of the major brands in the GPS industry. The Dutch company not only bet big on its own hardware but also embracing the future by partnering with big companies like Apple and bolstering the company’s services. Lately, TomTom has been caring more about service launches and any new hardware coming from the “Go” line because TomTom channels their latest innovations and newest technologies to these premium devices. The more affordable devices from the VIA lineup don’t really get much press attention. That doesn’t mean that the TomTom VIA devices don’t deserve a closer look. The TomTom VIA 1415M is one example of a modern GPS navigator that has a potential audience.

TomTom VIA 1415M

TomTom VIA 1415M

About the TomTom VIA 1415M

The TomTom VIA 1415M is like a reminder that 4.3-inch GPS navigators still have place in the market. It launched in the first quarter of 2015 without much fanfare due to its entry-level nature but the original $110 price tag is certainly something that would appeal to consumers on a budget. But many of those that prefer buying more expensive GPS devices often know that the cheapest devices are the most compromised. The TomTom VIA 1415M understandably has some compromises but it also has a lot to offer for such an inexpensive navigator.

Exclusive Features

The technology that practically defines a TomTom device is present in the TomTom VIA 1415M. This technology is known as IQ Routes and it symbolizes the device’s high accuracy in coming up with an arrival time. It uses an extensive database of routes so when planning a route, you will be presented with a route that boasts the fastest travel time and you will know exactly when you will arrive at a destination.

It is also important to understand that the VIA 1415M doesn’t come with a separate mount and that’s because the mount is cleverly built right into the back of the device. It’s actually pretty neat because you can fold it outward, attach it to your dashboard or windshield and adjust it to your liking. The adhesive disk is included in the package so you don’t really need anything else.

Most entry-level devices aren’t powerful enough to handle fancy features but the TomTom VIA 1415M managed to provide a junction view complete with split screen support. Junction View is a handy highway feature that provides clear visual indicators on what exit to take when you are following a route. The fact that you can use it in split screen is really nice because the vital junction indicators can still be seen on the right half of the screen while the left half of the screen shows the usual map view and pay attention to important points of interest.

The VIA 1415M boasts lifetime map updates which is always a nice thing but you can’t rely on TomTom delivering map updates on a daily basis. TomTom only does it periodically and that can be an issue for those times when some things like speed limits or detours change overnight. This is where the Map Share feature can come in handy. You can download verified updates from other TomTom users or make your own contributions by sharing your map data.

Other Features

The TomTom VIA 1415M has loads of points of interest (POI) . More than 10 million POI’s can be found on the database covering virtually all of North America including Mexico. The IQ Routes and lane guidance features are only available in the US and Canada but the generic features like turn-by-turn directions and spoken street names work just fine. The only real compromise is the sluggish software but you won’t be interacting with the device all that much anyway.



• IQ Routes work really well.

• Huge database of POIs combined with Map Share and Lifetime Map Updates is a great combo for people living in North America.

• Costs under $120 or possibly under $100 if on sale.

• Integrated mount is super cool.


• 4.3-inch touchscreen is a bit small by today’s standards.

• Mediocre interface performance.


The exclusive navigation technologies really make this GPS navigator shine and could even make it superior over the GPS system preinstalled in the car. Thanks to the easy installation and simple budget-friendly nature, the TomTom VIA 1415M is a great fit for any vehicle.