They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this can be especially true for kids. Parents everywhere know the struggle of trying to think of simple and fun yet tasty meal ideas that children will love, but the great news is that Albertsons Market has affordable, high-quality products that will help you to shop smart and well.

10 breakfast ideas kids will love


  1. Quick oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal cookies are a quick, versatile breakfast option for picky eaters. You can bake them in advance and toast them in the morning, add any number of ingredients to suit little tastes, and even eat them with honey drizzled on top and yogurt on the side.

  1. Pack-a-punch pineapple upside-down baked oatmeal

As Alberton’s Market is one of New Mexico’s leading grocery stores, no breakfast would be complete without a zingy, fruity twist. Simply bake your oatmeal as normal, but before you put everything into the tray, put a layer of pineapple rings, cherries, and some brown sugar down first.

  1. Summer fun oatmeal popsicles

This one’s a little different and can be a firm favorite with fussy kids. Mix milk, oats, and berries, blitz a little in the blender for the consistency you’d like, pour the mixture into popsicle molds and freeze for a nutritious, fun breakfast idea that also doubles as a treat.


  1. Fast mini cheese and egg pies

For this simple option that can be eaten at any time of day (we mentioned lunchboxes earlier, right?), add any ingredients you want to beat egg, add some cheese, and pour the mixture into refrigerated pie crust rounds. Bake and eat fresh or reheat them, but they are also delicious cold.

  1. Weekday breakfast burritos

This is one for the meal-prep mamas. Simply assemble scrambled egg, bacon, and peppers and wrap them up in a flour tortilla. The good news is that they keep fresh all week long.

Healthy whole wheat options:

  1. Wicked whole wheat blueberry mini muffins

Mini blueberry muffins are always a firm household favorite, but swapping out white flour for whole wheat flour will make a huge, healthy difference.

  1. Super healthy sheet-pan pancakes

Sheet pan pancakes are a great make-ahead option that can be topped with virtually anything, so this is a great idea for families with kids who all have different tastes. As with the muffins, using whole wheat flour makes them even healthier.

Something a little different:

  1. Banana toast with a twist

Kids just love banana toast, but this is a little different. Add peanut butter, coconut, and maple syrup for an energy-filled breakfast that will kick-start your day.

  1. Super simple smoothies

Smoothies can be a fast, simple, and filling way to get kids who don’t like to eat breakfast something nutritious. You can use fresh or frozen ingredients, and there are a million recipes online – and you can make them ahead and freeze.

  1. Simple nut granola

Crunchy granola is a breakfast must. This recipe is made without oats and is gluten-free; simply blend nuts, seeds, and coconut just a little, then add almond meal, honey, and coconut oil before baking!

Albertsons Market aims to bring the best quality produces to families across New Mexico with little fuss, so be sure to check out the weekly deals to see where else you can beat your budget.

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