With the revolution in digital technologies, every form of activity can now be done through apps and software. It would be foolish for a student not to take advantage of these apps to make college life a little easier.

Whether you want to take lecture notes, set alarms for your morning classes, put reminders for upcoming exams, or keep track of your routine walks, there are apps for every activity now. Therefore, if you are a new college student hitting the campus, here are 10 different types of helpful apps that can enhance your college life.

Class Recording Apps

Gone are the days when you have to scribble down notes after notes in a fast-paced lecture. There are a number of audio recording apps that you can use to record lectures that you can replay at home at your leisure. SoundNote for iOS is a popular one that can be used both as an audio recorder as well as a notepad. If it is the whiteboard that you want to capture, the Office Lens is a good choice. It allows you to convert the capture into PDF, Word, or PowerPoint format anytime you wish. Moreover, you can store all lectures in OneNote or OneDrive for future use.

Though many of these apps do not come for free, you can still use them without paying any penny by watching various ads like Bitcoin casino sites, poker games online, etc. Even though any third-party audio recorder can do the job of recording the class, there are good quality apps like Audio Memos and Notes Plus that can do the same job but in higher resolution. Therefore, if you do not want to miss a single lecture, class recording apps can come in very handy.

Planning and Schedule Apps

One thing that most students have in common is how unorganized their student life is. This is mostly due to procrastination that all of our classes and lectures are scattered and scrambled. Therefore, there are apps in the store that organize map class schedules and even set reminders for upcoming tests. Timetable in android is a great app with a smooth interface that takes care of your class routine for you. If you want a spreadsheet-style interface, then Class Timetable on iOS or My Class Schedule on android is the one to pick. There are apps like food tracker app Australia that can help students track their nutrition and food intake.

Book Referencing Apps

All students, at some point, have to go through their unorganized lectures and sort them out in order with specific references to specific books that the professors recommend. EasyBib is a very helpful app that auto-generates any reference to academic texts simply after scanning the barcode of the book. You can also type the title of the book, and it can generate an academic reference to that book. It also gives you choices as to which style you would like to follow depending upon your location: APA, Chicago, or MLA.

Revising Apps

There are loads of apps that can generate review flashcards for your pre-exam revisions. StudyBlue is a student-friendly app with a simple interface that can use your lecture inputs and produce a set of quick cards that you can review on the go. If you want to do more like creating charts, making quizzes, and generating flashcards, then GoConqr is the one to opt for. It can also let you collaborate and connect with classmates, friends, or even students from around the globe. Exam Countdown on iOS is also a useful help that lets you know how many days are left for your final exam so that you can make better use of your allocated study days.

Test Preparation Apps

There are many apps available online now that can aid you in preparing for big test exams. Be it GRE, GMAT, SAT, or ACT, this wide range of apps cover all types of exams. BenchPrep is an amazing test preparation app that has revision contents, quizzes, and notes for students partaking in the exams. Also, it connects the students directly with the test-makers for better communication. There are also official apps from official test-makers such as British Council IELTS Prep or ETS Prep that can come to the rescue.

Communication Apps

Connecting with friends and family while staying away from home is one of the most important virtues for college students. There are a number of social networking apps that all students are familiar with. These can help not just in keeping good connections with classmates but also increase communication before exams and tests. Skype and FaceTime are the two most popular video calling apps that are most frequently used to communicate with professors and teachers. There are also WhatsApp and Messenger for texting and sharing documents when in need.

Advance Alarming Apps

If you are a persistent sleeper who always comes late to class, Alarmy: Sleep If You Can is a challenging app that might break that bad habit of yours. This app will keep ringing the alarm till you wake up and complete a particular task like taking pictures of an object or shaking the phone a couple of times. This will forcefully wake you up and eventually help you grow out of the bad habit of oversleeping. Sleep Cycle is also an amazing app that can help you fix your cycle. It monitors your sleeping pattern and wakes you up at an exact time when you are in the lightest phase of your sleep.

Fitness Apps

Keeping a healthy life requires lots of exercises. And apps like Nike Training Club, Fitbit, Minute Workout, or MapMy Fitness are some of the fitness monitoring apps that every student should try during their exercise. They will not just keep you motivated every day but also will let you play to earn credit points that can later be redeemed to unlock new features. Nudge is also a useful app that collects all data and generates graphs for your nutrition, hydration, exercise, and sleep routines.

Safety Apps

It is very common to go to a long night’s party with friends after a big break. Be it a girl or a boy, Circle of Six is an amazing app that is designed to keep college friends connected to each other in times of need. It is GPS enabled so that the tracker can be used to locate a lost friend through the phones of your trusted contacts. bSafe and React Mobile are also some other valuable apps of similar functionality.

File Sharing Apps

Dropbox is most frequently used by college students for sharing and transferring important documents and lectures. ShareIt is also a popular file-sharing app that has a very fast transfer speed. Before each semester’s final exam, it becomes necessary to collect notes and solutions from classmates and friends. These file-sharing apps can be a blessing in those moments, which assures good connectivity and fast transfer of files.

In Conclusion

If you are a sophomore entering college for the first time, you will face tons of responsibilities and classwork with short deadlines. Therefore, to make your already chaotic life a little easier, these new generations of apps can bring about a monumental change to your student life. Instead of working hard, we, the students, should work smart.

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