With the emerging trends of eCommerce today, different types of marketing are getting more popular each day. This helps boost their creativity and avoid any customer burnout as they see the same strategy over and over again. With that, the rise of affiliate marketing is getting more popular as it benefits plenty of parties during the process.

Affiliate marketing is a process wherein a company will have an arrangement with a different business or individual. Their main goal is to promote the company’s products and include a link that their audience can click on so they can be redirected to the website and make a purchase. Once customers buy a product using their provided link, they’ll earn commissions from it. While it sounds easy, this source tells you that various businesses have been doing this, but it can still be challenging today.

To help you out, below are some strategies to earn more with affiliate marketing:

1. Be Relevant to Your Audience

Before you agree to take any affiliate marketing role with a company, you should check first if their products align well with your niche. Even if they offer you an amazing commission fee or what they’re selling isn’t in line with your audience, you won’t be gathering enough sales from this. Moreover, it can also risk your credibility as you’re posting something that’s far-fetched from what you usually post. It can make you look like someone who’s always reaching for the money as you’re not sticking to your standards but letting the money talk.

For example, if you’re a computer tech brand, you should never accept products related to babies, pets, or cooking, unless they’re highly related to what your audience is. Posting irrelevant content can risk your follower count as you share something they can’t relate to.

2. Don’t Make It Sound Too Promotional

When posting products, you’re trying to promote, try to make them as subtle and natural as possible. While it’ll still look obvious as you’re posting something with a link attached to it, try to communicate with your followers by letting them know how they could benefit from it without overselling the product. Putting emotions in your captions can help captivate more people as they can truly feel that you’re speaking from the heart.

Proceed with making a promotion post by using photos that emphasize the product and a generated caption that doesn’t speak a lot to your audience. It might put your post into ignoring. It can also lose your credibility as you’re just trying to sell rather than connect with your followers.  

3. Develop Amazing Content

How you post your promotional products or services plays an important role in the effectiveness of your campaign. Even if your main goal is just to let people use your link and you should earn your commission, it’ll still be helpful if you could create amazing content that people would surely enjoy. People wouldn’t click on a link if what you post isn’t something that interests them. With that, you should prioritize your content quality each time you connect it with your URL. 

There are plenty of ways you can develop amazing content for your followers. You could post a photo or a video discussing what the product is all about. You could create product reviews, tutorials, or even a comparison of the product with a different brand to better grasp how the product or service works. It’ll be a great way to gather plenty of audiences, which can hopefully turn into buyers from your link.

4. Develop Trust

Even if you’re a person or company with a high follower count, your affiliate marketing would just go to waste if you don’t gather your audience’s trust. Not only will you not be receiving any commission fees, but you’ll also risk losing your affiliate program as no one is responding to your online presence. To earn more from affiliate marketing, you should develop your followers’ trust and make them feel that you believe in what you’re promoting and not just do it in the name of the business.  

To develop trust from your audience, you can begin by being as natural with your post as possible. You can even post non-promotional stories on your page by letting people know you’re using the product regularly. You can even place it as your background for a more subtle promotion as people can see that it’s really something you use, even without the intention of promoting it. Moreover, giving out your honest opinion would also be helpful, especially if you highlight the pros and cons of having one. This way, you can avoid sugarcoating everything and help people set their expectations about your product.

5. Study the Product Well

When promoting any product, it’s best to study the item well before advertising it to your followers. Even if it comes from a reputable brand, you should always do a thorough test first and see if it’s something you’d like to be aligned with your name. You can give the product a week-long trial period to see what to expect and how it performs given everyday circumstances. This can help make you more credible as you know the ins and outs of the product.

During your trial period, you can do some rigorous testing to see how sturdy the product is. You can even test its claims and see if it can perform as it promised. With actual and valid results, you can guarantee that the product is something worth purchasing, and you can even share your experience with your followers.

6. Be Relevant to Trending Topics

A great way to hook your audience into using your link is by making your content relevant to the current trends. This way, they can easily relate to what you post and be interested in what kind of product or service you’re offering. While this relates more to what type of product you’re offering, how you put it on the market can help make you relevant.

For example, if you’re promoting water bottles, you can emphasize how they can keep your beverage drinks cool during long hours of work from home and how it looks pretty on your desk. This way, they’ll see the water bottle for a different purpose, rather than just for travel or hydration purposes.


Earning plenty from affiliate marketing can be challenging since how you advertise them to your followers matters. But with the right strategy, such as being relevant and trying to sound as natural and trustworthy as possible, you can gather plenty of buyers from your link. With a mix of hard work and creativity, you should be able to earn more with affiliate marketing.

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