A thesis statement will define the character of your paper. It is a make-or-break statement that will also determine the actions you take toward delivering an academically coherent paper. It helps the reader to understand the perspective you intend to take while writing your paper. 

A thesis statement allows you to demonstrate the main claim in your paper. It is short and will appear early in your writing. A reader will, therefore, determine whether the paper is worth reading based on the information it is projected to handle. Here are some of the common mistakes you will find with thesis statements. 

How to write a thesis statement

A thesis statement is one line. However, it holds so much power that it will make or break your paper. If you are doubtful about how to write the thesis statement, you should hire a custom thesis writing service. These are professional writers who understand the rules and requirements of academic writing. They deliver the most captivating paper while you rest or focus on other more interesting personal engagements. 

A sample will also help you to write the best thesis statement. Pick certified samples from such credible sources as the library or your tutor. Online databases also provide examples and samples of thesis papers that you can emulate in your writing. 

A poor-quality thesis statement will extend to your entire paper. Here are common mistakes to avoid when crafting your thesis statement. 

A general statement 

A general statement leaves the reader confused about the focus of your paper. Make a clear statement that provides a clear direction in your paper. The reader should immediately develop an idea of where the discussion is headed, helping him to decide whether reading the paper is worth his time. 

A general statement lacks substances. For instance, a statement like “Self-driven cars are unsafe and should, therefore, be removed from the roads’ does not lay the ground for a compelling paper on road safety. From the statement, the reader does not know where you wish to direct your paper on road safety. A reader will have no reason to peruse your paper. 

The alternative is to present a specific point of view about vehicles and road safety. The statement should get to the specifics of self-driving and road safety. For instance, you may state, “Self-drive technology is not developed enough to allow the deployment of these vehicles on the road’. You can proceed to demonstrate how the vehicles will interact with human-driven vehicles and the lapses that would result from failure to synchronize. 

Present a clear direction in your paper. It helps you to narrow down the discussion to a particular direction, making it more meaningful to the reader. Readers will identify the purpose of your paper from the beginning. 

Extremely specific thesis statement 

Extremely specific thesis statements are also wordy and complicated. They appear to conclude the discussion even before you have presented your facts. There is no point in reading your paper if you already have the answer in the thesis statement. 

An example of a specific and complicated thesis statement is, ‘Students participating in college leagues should be paid like professionals because they make a name for the institution and broadcasters out of their efforts, yet the colleges do not seem to appreciate their contributions.” On the face, the statement is vague. A reader is lost in a long sentence that does not seem to say anything. 

The solution is to identify the issues of discussion using the least words possible. The statement would read better by stating, “The relationship between players and colleges leagues should be reviewed to accord students better rewards based on their contribution.” The thesis does not point at a 360-degree turn away from the current position. The reader can appreciate the existence of room for academic discourse. 

Obvious thesis statement

A basic or obvious statement takes away the joy of reading through your thesis. Academic papers hide mysteries in the literature review, data, and discussion. Each sentence or paragraph is a chance to reveal this mystery. Make your work interesting by avoiding obvious and basic thesis statements. 

An example of an obvious statement in a physics thesis would be, “The paper will discuss the importance of going to the moon.” Academicians and humanity are not interested in such discussions. The benefits are obvious, and the discussion will be too basic to make any sense. 

Pick a sensible and strong statement like, “Technology advancement benefits that justify the return to the moon.” Such a statement hides a treasure that every space enthusiast would like to unravel. 

Unrelated thesis statement 

The thesis statement must be relevant to your study discipline and academic pursuit level. If the paper discusses biology, the thesis statement must come from a biological subject. While academic disciplines are interlinked, most of your references, data, and discussion outcomes should improve your study area. 

A good thesis statement would read, “It is time aerospace engineers paved the way for geologists and biological historians.” Such a statement is thought-provoking in the department of geology. While studying space science, you will add value to space knowledge beyond getting shuttles and crafts to space. 

Weak thesis statement 

A thesis is one of the most scrutinized academic papers. It is retained on library shelves and will be studied by academicians across the world. Your statement will define the kind of paper you produce. Consequently, you must give a good account of your academic pursuit by presenting a strong thesis statement. 

Choose a relevant subject that will add value to academic scholarship. Use samples to craft the strongest and most compelling thesis statement. A strong thesis statement will also make it easier to write a compelling paper. 

A thesis statement will define your writing experience. It gives your readers an idea of what to expect in your paper. Use examples or hire a thesis writing helper to enable you to craft a strong statement and avoid simple mistakes that lower the quality of your paper. 

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