Happy employees are hard-working employees. When your team feels relaxed and content, you’ll begin to notice that productivity shoots through the roof. You should always nurture your most valuable business asset (that’s your employees), and providing an office environment that’s calming and cheerful is the first line of defense against unhappy or disengaged workers.

In some ways, your office environment should feel like a home away from home. With so many hours being spent in the same four walls, the least you can do is make your office vibes happy and harmonious.

So here are 6 all-important tips for creating the best, most happy possible workspace.

1. Find the Right Office 

First things first, you should find an office that satisfies all of your employees. This is especially important if you decide a move is on the cards. You don’t want any staff feeling left out or disappointed by the big change! There are hundreds and thousands of fantastic serviced offices available across the country. You’ve just got to look in the right places.

2. Maximise the Space Available

No matter whether your office is small or large, you’ve got to make sure you use the space effectively. Maximize the space available so every employee feels like they can work comfortably and privately without feeling like sardines stacked alongside one another. It’s also worth separating open-space areas with things like cabinets, shelves, or sofas. Just make sure you don’t create unnecessary clutter!

3. Don’t Skimp Out On Interior Design

Don’t assume you can scrape by with basic interior design. Bare magnolia walls and a few neglected plants in the corner of the room simply won’t cut it anymore. Your team will love it if you invest time and effort into making the office look and feel stylish. Choose a vivid and energizing color scheme and make the most of the natural light that’s available to you.

4. Give Your Staff Workspace Options

Flexibility is a key component of modern offices these days. That’s why it’s important you set up a variety of workspaces for your team to choose from throughout their working day. Sitting at the same desk day-in-day-out doesn’t do creativity any favors, so always provide various seating options, including sit-down desks, stools, and collaborative multi-person tables.

5. Set Out Designated Areas for Socialising

Your team will also need a place to wind down too. So set up a space or room that’s designated for socializing, taking a break, and switching off from the work mindset. Make this space a haven for leisure and recreation too. Fill it with comfy sofas and a variety of fun things to play, such as a pool table or even a games console.

6. Consider the Idea of an Office Pet

Last but certainly not least, how about an office pet? Whether it’s a dog, a cat, or even an aquarium, plenty of studies show that pets in the workplace work wonder on reducing stress and improving the wellbeing of your staff. Just make sure everyone in the office is happy for a furry (or scaly) friend to join the gang!

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