Do you have to write an essay sometime soon? You may be struggling to finish one right now! Don’t worry. You wouldn’t be the first one having a hard time with that – and you wouldn’t be the first one to take advantage of our tips to tackle an essay either!

In this article, we’ll talk about the seven tips you need to accomplish your goal of writing your essay. We’ll cover everything from choosing a topic to editing your first draft below.

1. Pick an interesting topic

The best way to write the perfect essay is to have something interesting to write about. The reason why is pretty straightforward: when something piques your interest, writing and researching about it won’t feel like work.

Sometimes, that won’t be an option. In high school and college, a professor will assign topics to their students whether they find them interesting or not. At that point, you need to find a clever way to make the subject interesting.

For example, writing about the current economy may not be your thing – but choosing to focus on your favorite social media platform and how it affects consumers could interest you enough to start working.

2. Take your time researching

Once you have the right topic for your taste, it’s time to sit down and research. You don’t have to get a four-year college degree to write an essay on something, but you have to spend a serious amount of time learning about a subject before you start typing.

Otherwise, you will find yourself with a handful of surface information – and that’s only good enough to write a poor essay full of mistakes. Doing research is the foundation of that great essay you have in you!

If possible, take a couple of days to research. Do it for a couple of hours each day instead of trying to cram everything at once.

3. Focus on the what and how

People often focus on the what when writing an essay – but there’s much more you can do! Taking your time to talk about how (how it happened, how it affects others, how it will develop in the future, etc.) makes your essay way more interesting and, sometimes, relatable.

Let’s take a look at our previous example: social media and the economy. If you write about that alone, it’s not that interesting. When you focus on the how (how it affects consumers and users), things take a more interesting turn.

Remember not to wander too much when you do this, though. It’s one thing to tackle an essay from different angles – and another to unnecessarily write about unrelated stuff.

4. Don’t be scared to rearrange your research

Sometimes, perhaps halfway through creating an outline or writing your essay, you’ll realize you were focusing on the wrong things. Maybe you decided it’s time to take a completely different turn to create something worthwhile. That’s okay!

Scratching parts of your (or the entire) essay may be necessary to write the perfect piece. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck slugging through writing something that’s not as interesting – and others will see through that when reading it.

While it may seem too drastic to start from scratch, that may not be necessary! A big part of your research will spill over to the new areas you want to focus on. You’ll have half your work done due to that.

5. Avoid getting fired up over your first draft

Nobody writes the perfect essay in their first attempt. That’s why everyone calls it a first draft! Don’t sweat too much over content, turns of a phrase, or repetition. In fact, your first draft is there to get your ideas on paper. After that, the real work comes when editing and structuring everything better.

You can leave empty spaces and notes to later fill or fix different pieces and places in your essay. Nevertheless, don’t overdo it! When you have something in mind, no matter how rough, write it down. Only leave empty spaces when you don’t know what to write down yet.

6. Look for help if you’re out of luck

The best essays are a joint effort because different minds will complement each other. Sometimes, you won’t be able to create the essay you want or feel like you should deliver. At that point, it’d be a good idea to look for help.

There are many ways to find help when writing an essay. You can ask friends and colleagues for help. People help others write their essays for a living! Write My Essay Today writing service can help you with any essay-related issues. That way, you’ll get out of that slump and come up with what you need.

You can take your time to write your essay on your own, though. If you’re having a hard time, look for alternatives, whether that’s someone you know or someone who does that for a living.

7. Remember finishing is the first step

Writing the perfect essay is not easy – and sometimes not possible! If you’re looking after perfection, it’d be better to change your mindset, or you’ll never finish. That’s right: reassess your goals and go from having an unfinished perfect project to a finished excellent essay.

Your goal is to finish your first draft. Then, your goal is to edit it. If you find yourself writing over and over again the first part of your essay because it’s not perfect, you’ll never finish.

Remember the fifth point on this list: don’t beat yourself up over a first draft! In contrast, you should beat yourself up if you never finish it. You will find certain difficulties when writing an essay – but nothing you can’t easily overcome.


Writing an essay is a big task you need to break down into different parts: picking a topic, researching, finishing the first draft, and working from there.

Finishing your first draft is a must! If you find it difficult to do so, you can look for help. Nevertheless, your main is focusing on finishing – not writing the perfect essay.

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