Being a student is tough these days. Okay, it was always complicated, as you first had to work hard in many areas to enroll in college, and then work even harder to reach the goals. However, now we deal with amounts of knowledge that exceed imagination. Programs become more complicated each year, there are new subjects, new courses, and much more new writing assignments.

Tons of papers to prepare as a part of homework can bury even the most positive attitude and enthusiasm. No wonder that so many online services that specialize in writing academic papers rose these days. An opportunity to tell, I can’t write my essay, so help me, and getting the quality support after that saves the day. But another trouble arises – the reliability of services. You need to be sure of getting the safe essay writing service – otherwise, you risk getting into deeper trouble.

Google will return several hundreds of titles for your query about writing essays online, and this is both good and not so good. The good thing is, the writing companies compete, and their customers can choose the most efficient and user-friendly team. The not-so-good aspect is that it might have time to find the right team. And during that time, you might hire the wrong people, lose time, money, and nerves. So, be careful and don’t get into trouble.

Common mistakes in choosing the essay writing assistants 

Any writing guideline will share the most efficient tip to write an essay – get prepared thoroughly. The approach is the same when you need to decide which essay writer service you can entrust the assignment. Therefore, when you are considering different online companies, it is vital to avoid mistakes.

Mistake #1. Trusting the wrong people from Reddit and freelance services

Assume that you’ve accepted that you would not cope with the assignment yourself. Where can you find the right people to help you? Very often, students turn to Reddit for answers. There, they can also find many advertisements of freelance writers who offer their services of essay writing.

Hiring these people is not obligatory a grave mistake. You may be lucky. But in most cases, the risk is too high.

The primary problem is that you don’t know anything about them. It is easy for the dishonest performer to change the nickname and start a new Reddit. Many writers can’t prove their qualifications at all. And another worrying thing is, it can be physically impossible to get your money back if you paid and then received the bad quality paper.

Mistake #2. Looking for the cheap service 

The question of price always was and will always be the most burning problem. High education in the USA is costly, with so many expenses involved. Students always try to save money. Thus, choosing between the two companies, they incline to try that one that costs less.

Price only should not be a determining factor. Many companies that set very cheap rates for their work can’t provide any decent quality. The worst is that you may learn it only after receiving the results. Instead of saving money, you will lose them for that order. Moreover, you’ll lose precious time and may lose much more money if you have to find another company to write essays for you and place an urgent order.

The only recommendation is, don’t be tempted to choose the cheapest service – that will most likely be a scam. There are academic writing companies that combine high quality with modest prices, though. You can find them based on more research.

Mistake #3. Not researching the service reputation

One excellent thing about the Internet is that it remembers everything. You can always find enough information for analysis about any company that students asked, write essay for me online. If you heard about any writing group, or your eye caught an interesting title, research more.

The first thing to check is the users’ opinion about this or that online paper writing service. Many companies put their customers’ feedbacks on the official website pages. As you understand, no one is interested in scolding themselves, and those reviews are sorted, with only the nicest feedbacks left.

If you are interested in getting objective information on whether you should buy an assignment online from that company, it’s better to refer to independent reviewing platforms, such as TrustPilot or SiteJabber. Many thousands of users share their opinions there, so you can even track the changes in reputation by years. Collect the information from different sources to learn whether the company you are considering is worth your trust.

Mistake #4. Skipping your own plagiarism check 

All writing companies assure that they deliver original papers only. Most of them provide the opportunity to request a plagiarism report for the piece in your order, whether you need a small essay or a complete thesis writing help with writing from scratch.

The problem is, many companies use their own plagiarism checkers. The report they provide may seem ideal with a 100% originality degree. However, your college professor will scan it with Turnitin, and that system will seal the “plagiarized” mark on your paper.

Double-check your paper after delivery, and use Turnitin. It is paid, but it is much better to spend some money and be sure of the originality than risk submitting a plagiarized paper. Besides, many online writing services claim that they return money if you find plagiarism in their work – and they demand the Turnitin report as proof.

Mistake #5. Choosing the ENL or ESL writer wrongly 

Working with ENL writers is always considered a better option, and it usually costs higher. But what if you are a foreigner yourself? By submitting a paper made by an ENL writer for you, you are signaling to your instructor that it was not you who wrote it. Don’t delude yourself, the professor knows the specificity of your work and can recognize the wrong style at once.

Besides, there is a question of regional dialects. Online services state they hire writers from the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, etc. All these English-speaking countries have their language specificities, and you’ll have to clarify them all before placing an order.

When you hire another writer for any research paper writing help, you should make sure that the writer can write in the required style and dialect. Decent companies provide this opportunity. And those that can’t, may not be the right choice for you.

Mistake #6. Using any personal ID information 

Reputable companies that do academic writing services care about the customers’ confidentiality. However, you also should take care to protect your anonymity. The biggest mistake is to use the email address that would allow the service to identify your college. Another common mistake is providing your real name or any other personal information.

Writing services that are worth your trust don’t collect your information. They only need a unique user ID to deliver the services to you. By default, it is your email address.

Register a new email address to communicate with the online company, and use the providers like Gmail or Yahoo. This address should not let anyone recognize you.

Also, stay alert when communicating with the company’s representatives. If they ask you to give more personal details to them, ask for your real name and the name of the college, break the communication and go to check another company. We heard of many cases where writing companies threatened the unhappy customers to reveal their collaboration to the college. Don’t risk being blackmailed.

Mistake #7. Sticking to the good old assistants 

Many students who dealt with online writing companies in the past and were satisfied by their services, tend to stick to these services. However, it is not the wisest policy. First, even the good old performer may change for the worse. Bosses may introduce new policies. Your favorite writers may leave that company. As a result, when you place the order and expect the usual quality, you don’t receive it.

Actually, new writing teams come to the surface each day. Young guns want to get noticed, and they offer really beneficial deals, promo codes, and high quality for sure to get their audience. It is worth checking the new players regularly, as you can obtain another excellent partner to take care of your academic success.

Having a decent academic writing service by your side is a great advantage. It helps you to keep up with the program, ensure the required overall score, and focus on the things that are essential instead of wasting time on not relevant, but obligatory writing assignments. The variety of academic assistants allows you to find the right partner.

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