Investing in making your feet in tip-top shape can mean many things. It can be moisturizing them, cutting your toenails, or washing your feet regularly. But buying the right rubber shoes is the most important tip when caring for your feet.

Finding the proper pair of shoes can indeed be difficult. Although you want to look your best, it’s easy to get lost in the many colors and fancy designs when shoe shopping. Nevertheless, there are ways to find a pair of rubber shoes that are both fashionable and good for your feet.

Advantages of the Right Rubber Shoes

Besides making your feet fashionable, having the right pair of rubber shoes has many advantages. The first benefit is that rubber shoes can cushion your feet. Contrary to popular belief, shoes don’t considerably lessen the force that passes through the body. Yet, they lengthen the time it takes your body to adjust to the force.

Another advantage is to support your feet. A pair of amazing rubber shoes should help your feet stay in the right position when it contacts the ground. Lastly, unisex shoes can make walking or running feel comfortable.

Tips When Buying Rubber Shoes

Having the proper rubber shoes can help keep you comfortable while doing activities. Keep reading below for some tips on choosing the best rubber shoes for you.

1. Measure your feet while standing up

Always get your foot size while standing because your feet slightly expand. Get a family member, friend, or store employee to measure your feet. Make sure to accurately get your feet’s length, width, and arch length. You can also use the Brannock device if the shoe shop has one to get the measurements when you’re alone.

2. Always try both pairs of shoes on

Sometimes your judgment gets clouded, and aesthetics can win over functionality. And that also applies when looking for a pair of good rubber shoes. You could like a pair of shoes because of the color and design, but how do they feel when you walk around them?

That’s why walking around the store is best when you fit some pairs. The store isn’t concerned that you will flee from them, so don’t be afraid to test drive them. You can really know a pair of rubber shoes when you walk them around.

3. Pick rubber shoes with a solid sole

Like your home’s foundation, shoes help to anchor the body. A house will become unsteady and shaky if built on a mushy, soft foundation. Similarly, your body will experience the same thing if you select rubber shoes with a soft base.

Gently bending a shoe at the toe will reveal the shoe’s structure. It is too soft if you can fold it in half. Rubber shoes have strong support if they bend slightly but remain generally rigid.

4. Make sure there is arch support

Certain stylish rubber shoes have flat soles, which might eventually hurt you. You will have more stability and balance if you wear shoes that support your foot’s arch.

And rather than buying a sole insert, selecting shoes with an integrated arch is preferable. But if you can’t avoid buying one, don’t buy it off the shelf from a big-box retailer. Always go to a specialty store that can fit your foot for the right insole.

5. Get shoes with laces

Lace-up rubber shoes are generally preferable over slip-on footwear because they offer more support. Plus, shoes with laces can keep your foot firmly attached to the shoe’s sole.

6. Choose comfortable rubber shoes

Don’t purchase rubber shoes just because the pair is in your favorite color, is on sale, or was recommended by a friend. Select the pair that’s most comfortable for you. Plus, even if the size and foot type fits perfectly, the pair you’re trying on might not feel quite right. That’s why scour the shop with a pair that you’re comfortable walking on.

7. Consider the activity you’ll do

If you usually jog or walk, choose a pair of rubber shoes that fit the activity. Look for a pair with great heel-to-toe motion, can accommodate a wider range of foot types, and last longer. Whether your workout program includes kickboxing, weightlifting, or aerobics, consider having a sturdier yet more comfortable pair.

8. Don’t rely on your other pair’s size

Shoe brands and sometimes designs from the same brand don’t always have the same size. You could be a size ten in brand A’s shoes, but brand B’s size ten might fit differently. Also, even as an adult, your feet do get bigger. As a result, always measure your feet every time you buy a new pair.

When Should You Replace your Rubber Shoes

Some significant signs are that you must retire your current pair of rubber shoes. For starters, the heels are worn off. You need to check your shoe’s heel, as most people usually wear that part the most. A worn-out heel will affect your walk, which may hurt your leg or back. Although you can get the heel repaired, replacing the pair is better if it’s heavily worn and damaged.

Another sign to look out for is if your feet may feel pain when you walk. They can no longer absorb shock, which causes pain. Therefore, it is advisable to change your rubber shoes every 8 to 12 months if the pair is heavily used.

Finding the Right Pair of Rubber Shoes

Choosing the right pair of rubber shoes can do amazing things. Your entire body, not just your feet, can benefit from the shoes you wear. The right pair may ease physical exertion, keep your feet healthy, and protect your body from harm. Additionally, good footwear can make you feel your best and help you avoid accidents.

Jimmy Choo once said, “The right shoes can make everything different.” And he’s right. Finding the right pair of rubber shoes can make your feet feel good.


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