Australia is at the top of the list for the number of casinos, both land and online. A question that many players often have is: how can I win more money? What should you do to avoid losing?

The answer is to learn in detail about the different tactics and strategies for gambling.

Best Online Casino Strategies

In order to improve your success at the online casino and systematically win, you need to reduce the site’s advantage – this is the best and most proven strategy.

Look for games where the casino overweight will be minimal. A great option would be French roulette with one sector zero and the option “la partage.” With this feature, the advantage of the operator is down to 1.35%.

You can also try craps – it’s fun and interesting, and the minimum casino advantage in most cases is 1-1.5%, but it all depends on the type of bets. A great example would be Rocket Dice from BGaming, with a payout percentage of 99%.

Blackjack is a game where the casino has almost no advantage over the players. With the right strategy, the upside for the operator will be only 0.1-1.5%.

That’s why blackjack is so popular with gamblers. When it comes to casino strategy, even basic knowledge and understanding of card counting can substantially improve your financial situation.

But three-card stud poker and keno are better past due when you’ve got a lot of money. The operator advantage is 7.28% and 25%, respectively. But if your budget allows, play for fun.

Tactics for the Game

The right bet can also be the key to success. There are several betting systems that can improve your chances of winning. For example, the strategy of Martingale, Parlayle, Boucher, and others.

This is a specially designed gaming strategy based on mathematical theories. Most of these systems focus on progression, that is, increasing your bet after each losing spin.

Martingale System

This is a specially designed gaming strategy based on mathematical theories. Most of these systems focus on progression, that is, increasing your bet after each losing spin.

This system is usually used in roulette because it is designed for betting on equally likely events (outside bets – winnings are paid out in a 1:1 ratio), such as big/small numbers, even / odd, and red/black.

The principle of the game, according to the Martingale method, is very simple: after each unsuccessful spin, the bet must be doubled. So, one win will not only cover the previous losses but also bring you a profit. This bet is made on the same sector, the field.

Below is a sample algorithm for a greater understanding of how you can increase your chances of winning at roulette with this casino strategy:

  1. The player places one chip on his favorite color, say, black. The denomination of the piece is chosen to be $10.
  2. If the red sector wins, the previous bet should be doubled, that is, the next time the player puts two chips ($20) without changing the color.
  3. Did red roll again? The player continues to double the amount: bets four chips ($40) on the winning black sector.
  4. The ball hits the red slot again, so the player must continue betting on black, but now eight chips ($80).
  5. Finally, the black sector wins. The payout is 1:1, i. e., $160.

Let’s sum up how much was spent on bets: $10 + $20 + $40 + $80 = $150. As a result, the player’s net profit is 160$ – 150$ = 10$.

As you can see, similar schemes to beat the casino work. Rounds of doubling, by the way, maybe less or maybe more; it all depends on the occasion and the rules of the site.

However, it should be noted that some casino operators have restrictions that do not allow players to make more than eight bets on the Martingale system.

What to do if the bet is played? Then the player needs to reduce it to the original size and move to another color sector or field (from even to odd, etc.). If zero is rolled, the scenario will be different.

The Martingale game does not work in the long run. Sooner or later, your plans will be interfered with by your set table betting limit and personal budget.

Slot machines with high RTP

The best strategy is the same – you need to turn the situation on your side. Let us repeat once again: there is no one hundred percent guaranteed plan on how to beat the casino, but increasing your chances of success in the slots is quite realistic.

This will help you titles with high rates of return, 96-99%. However, it is also important to consider the volatility of the machine.

Here are a few examples of games with a relatively small casino advantage:

Game Provider Volatility level RTP
Moody Fruits Relax Gaming Average 99,9%
Marching Legions Relax Gaming High 98,1%
Blood Suckers NetEnt Low 98%
Wolfpack Pays NextGen High 97,76%
Polar Paws Quickspin Medium 97,84%

The golden rule says: gamblers should rely only on luck, as influencing the RTP (percentage return online slots) by their actions will not work.

But, as you know, every rule has exceptions. In some gaming machines, the RTP level can be increased, particularly when you activate the bonus game or by promoting levels.

The function of increasing the percentage of RTP, for example, is present in the popular slot Jammin Jars 2 from the company Push Gaming. The overall payout level is 96.10%, but on the second level, after collecting 20 points, you will improve the RTP to 96.2%. And at level 5 for 35 vinyl symbols, the RTP will increase to 96.6%.

Chance of a slot hit

Still, wondering how to win at slots? Knowing the percentage of successful spins of this or that slot will be very useful. I am talking about the chance to hit the slot machine – it is an indicator that helps to build a profitable tactic game.

If the chance to hit the machine is 35.5%, the prize combination will actually fall out on the reels one time every three spins. Therefore, it would be reasonable to double the bet amount after three “empty” spins. Then, following a pattern, you can increase the bet by 4 times or more, as far as the limit allows the slot and your bankroll.

What Casino to Use for Gaming?

The only remaining decision is which online casino to use the above techniques. Most analysts recommend Parimatch Casino.

This is a site founded in 1994. The creator of the online casino is Hollecorn, NV. Despite the fact that the platform has existed for a very long time, here you can find the latest games in the world of online casinos:

  • live casino;
  • new categories;
  • Popular;
  • Jackpot;
  • Roulette;
  • Poker;
  • Card Games;
  • Wheel of Fortune;
  • Video poker;
  • Sweepstakes;
  • Craps;
  • Tournaments ;
  • Bonus games and others.

For the comfort of users, the administrators of parimatch casino took care of creating a mobile application. The Parimatch app is a progressive application that is a popular alternative to the official website on the computer.

The app for your phone is available for both iOS and iPhone. However, remember that the parimatch apk can not be found in online markets. It can only be found at the official site

Do you want to try all the above tactics in practice? Then hurry up and register at parimatch casino Australia and start earning money playing gambling.

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