Finding a balance in college life is challenging for many students. There is a lot to do, and the learning demands can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are hundreds of helpful online resources. One can gain valuable insights from blogs to lead a productive and fulfilling life l. Here are the top productivity blogs for students.

My College Planning Team

Starting college is an exciting event for many students and their families. However, it comes with many implications. College fees are expensive, and the realization can be a disappointment, especially for underprivileged students. Lack of tuition fees usually results in extended learning periods.

My College Planning Team is a resourceful blog to help parents and students make wiser financial decisions. The team consists of financial advisors and college admission professionals. Their advice goes a long way to ensure students can bear college’s financial burden without going broke.

Lisa’s Study Guides

Getting the best out of study time is necessary for good grades. To remain efficient, students often search “paper help by” and get quality academic assistance. Combining such services with valuable studying tips from Lisa’s Study Guides, every student can do assignments accurately and improve their performance.

The blog also provides a vetted team of academic achievers to privately tutor students. You can choose from hundreds of English study guides covering multiple literary works. These interactive books are available at reasonable prices to promote English mastery.

The Reading Workshop

Some learners have limited access to reading materials for various reasons. The Reading Workshop helps improve reading and comprehension skills. The blog features an interactive discussion board to allow learners to share their opinions.

Also, users get access to an unlimited number of materials to promote daily independent reading. After their reading sessions, they exchange thoughts with their peers. When students spend ample time reading, they sharpen their retention skills and become good at writing.

Plan for College

With prevailing hard times in world economies, many students doubt their college prospects after high school. A good number of individuals are unsure of what to study in college. The Plan for College blog provides useful tips to prepare students for the next life milestone.

Parents and students get advice on the financial aid application process and money-saving tactics. Additionally, they benefit from expert help on the correct form application to rule out common errors that jeopardize college admission.


As a pioneer blog on productivity, Lifehacker corresponds to its slogan, “Do everything better.” Although the hacks it includes are not exclusive to students, they apply to various situations.

Students have access to multiple tips on topics like achieving saving goals, healthy living, and meal preparation. Lifehacker provides guidance to cater to people from all walks of life and is a must-try resource for you.

Time Management Ninja

Every minute counts. Mastering time management is the key to maximum productivity, and this blog strives to encourage readers to overcome procrastination.

Craig Jarrow goes out of his way to share golden time-saving tips from personal experience. Apart from selling his e-book, he offers coaching services and speaks at conferences. For students, learning time management skills is essential, and Craig’s blog is an excellent starting point.

Keep Productive

Finding enough productivity tools to use every day is one way to make meaningful progress in life. With Keep Productive, users find different software to help them achieve daily goals on time. The blog incorporates reviews, guides, and videos.

Also, Keep Productive features apps and updates to prevent readers, including students, from wasting time searching for the ideal software. Instead, they can pick any of the reviewed to-do lists, calendars, and note-takers to perform set tasks efficiently.


Students struggling to achieve their objectives can find gems in this blog. There is more than enough content to cover any challenge that limits students from reaching their targets.

The blog posts valuable time management tips and tools, including goal setting, to-do lists, and reviewing options. LifeDev’s approach can boost your motivation when you are feeling unable to fulfill your plan.

Broke Millennial

Nobody likes being broke, and millennials, who form the bulk of students, will do anything to avoid walking down this road. Yet, bad spending habits are the leading cause of empty pockets. Erin Lowry, a financial expert, created this blog to promote financial discipline among the youth. She gives practical budgeting advice to all.

Achieving financial freedom takes effort, but it is rewarding. Besides, being broke leads to anxiety and can set you up for a vicious borrowing cycle, which may take years to undo. Getting it right from the beginning is the surest way to remain financially secure.


As a student, you have to take charge and identify how to maximize your productivity. With proper time management, you can achieve your learning goals and enjoy a stress-free experience in college. If declining productivity levels weigh you down, consider these blogs for a timely intervention.

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