Cartoons are the life of small kids. There are a variety of cartoons that kids love to watch. Among them, Animes are the ones that they enjoy the most. Today we have compiled the list of the latest anime released on Animefreak. There are many Anime Freak Manga in this list.

So read the full article to know the best anime released on Animefreak.

What is Anime freak?

Anime freak is a term applied to people who are extreme fans of Japanese cartoons, called anime. Anime Freak Manga is used to describe the novel that anime series is inspired from. The phrase anime freak has been in use to describe someone extremely interested in anime since the late 1990s and early 2000s. A Japanese computer game series translated as Anime Freak FX debuted in 1995, around the time anime was starting to become popular in the West. Manga freak is also a term associated with these people.

Latest Anime – Olympia Kyklos

Olympia Kyklos is a Japanese comedy Anime freak manga series. Mari Yamazaki produces this series. It has been listed under Grand Jump magazine since March 2018. This series has been collected in four tankobon volumes. An Anime TV series which have titled Bessatsu Olympia Kyklos was on TV on 20 April 2020
Take a look at the trailer:
YouTube video

Kitsutsuki Tantei – dokoro aka Woodpecker Detective’s Office

anime new anime freak manga series

Woodpecker Detective’s Office i.e Kitsutsuki Tantei-dokoro is a 1999 Japanese Anime Freaks Manga (novel). Kei li wrote this story. This series was premiered on April 13, 2020. Here in this ghost was seen on the 12th floor of the Asakusa Juunikai building. A newspaper article featuring the sighting brought together Takuboku Ishikawa, who runs a private detective agency to support his family, and his assistant Kyosuke Kindaichi to solve the case.

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My Roomie Is a Dino – Adorable Anime Freak Manga

Latest Anime on Animefreak - Japanese anime

My Roomie Is a Dino aka Gal to Kyouryuu. “The Gal and the Dinosaur”) also known as Gal & Dino, is a Japanese anime freak manga Moriko Mori wrote this and Cota Tomimura illustrates. One day, Kaede, a gyaru, picks up a dinosaur and begins living with it. The short comedy depicts their daily lives together as the dinosaur consumes human food, watches TV, and enjoys fashionable things. Thus begins the story of a gal and a dinosaur cohabiting that transcends time. An anime television series adaptation by Space Neko Company and Kamikaze Douga premiered on April 4, 2020.

Check out the trailer

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Latest Anime released on Animefreak – Digimon Adventure (2020)

This all-new story centers on Taichi Yagami when he is in his fifth year in elementary school. His partner is Agumon. The story begins in Tokyo when a large-scale network malfunction occurs. Taichi is preparing for his weekend summer camping trip when the incident happens.  In the year 2020, a series of cyber-attacks across Tokyo are the result of catastrophic events in another world within the internet, the Digital World. In which several creatures like Digimon roam.

While getting ready for summer camp, Taichi Yagami and seven other children are transported to the Digital World where they acquire digidevices and Digimon partners while learning that they have been chosen to stop the unknown threats to their worlds. It is one of the most popular anime freak manga series.

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Latest Anime freak Manga on Animefreak – Idolish7

Idolish7 - Manga freak latest

In this Anime Freak Manga, the player assumes the role of Tsumugi Takanashi. He is an inexperienced manager for a new group called idol group under her father’s small agency. The idol group is named “Idolish7,” and consists of seven male singers. Each with their own unique personality and background. She must train and turn all of them into famous idols, all the while struggling against the hardships of the entertainment industry.

Take a glimpse of the trailer

Latest Anime released on Animefreak – Kingdom Season 3

Latest on Animefreak tv - Kingdom season 3

The story of Kingdom is a fictional adaptation of the Chinese history period known as the Warring States period. That was demolished in 221 BC. This was done when Ying Zheng King of Qin was victorious in grasping different states and unifying China. Several of the characters are based on historical figures. Many times characters will take the names of people in history, and other times they will have completely different names.

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Latest Anime released on Animefreak – Fruits Basket 2nd Season

Latest Anime released on Animefreak

Fruits Basket narrates the story of  Tohru Honda. She is an orphan girl who, after meeting Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma, learns that twelve members of the Sohma family are possessed by the animals of the Chinese zodiac. They are cursed to turn into their animal forms when they are weak, stressed, or when they are embraced by anyone of the opposite sex that is not possessed by a zodiacal spirit.

As the series progresses,  on the other hand, Tohru learns of the hardships and pain faced by the afflicted Sohmas, and through her own generous and loving nature, helps heal their emotional wounds. As she learns more about Yuki, Kyo, and the rest of the mysterious Sohma family, Tohru also learns more about herself and how much others care for her.

Gleipnir – Inspired from Japanese Manga ‘Sun Takeda’

Latest Anime released on Animefreak

Gleipnir is a Japanese series by Sun Takeda. This is premiered on April 5, 2020. The story centers on Shuichi Kagaya, a high school student with an unusual secret. He has the ability to transform into a monster resembling a giant mascot costume complete with a zipper down his back and a large cartoonish smile. After rescuing fellow classmate, Kurea “Clair” Aoki, from a warehouse fire, she sadistically decides to use him to hunt down other monsters in search of her sister.

Latest Anime released on Animefreak – Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Princess Connect! Re: Dive is a real-time action role-playing game. Players can form a party of up to 5 members to participate in various modes such as main quests and player vs player arena modes. Gacha mechanic gives new characters. Players are also able to form clans to qualify for participation in Clan Battles, which are similar to raid battles.

Jashin – chan Dropkick 2

Latest Anime released on Animefreak - Jashin-chan Dropkick 2 Anime freak Manga series

Dropkick on My Devil! aka Jashin-chan Doroppukikku) is a Japanese Anime freak manga series. Yukiwo wrote this. A witch named Yurine Hanazono summons the serpent woman Jashin (“Evil God”) from Hell. Unable to go back to Hell by herself, Jashin spends each day unsuccessfully trying to kill Yurine while simultaneously spending time with her and various acquaintances from Heaven and Hell.

Latest Anime released on Animefreak – Healin’ Good Precure

Latest Anime freak Manga released on Animefreak and

The Healin’ Garden, a secret world where Earth is healed. It is under attack by the Byougenzu,. He is trying to infect the Earth. In order to salve it, three medical trainees of Earth, the Healin’ Animals, along with Latte, the little princess of the Healin’ Garden who holds special power, escaped in search of their partners! Now, three ordinary girls are able to transform into Pretty Cure with the power of the Healin’ Animals and fight against the Byougenzu! The Pretty Cure is in charge of defending Latte and the precious Earth and all her creatures by taking care of them.

Latest Anime released on Animefreak – Appare-Ranman

Latest Anime released on Animefreak

The genius but socially awkward engineer Sorano Appare and the wise yet cowardly samurai Isshiki Kosame find themselves drifting in the sea between Japan and America. this was during the back-end of the 19th century. With no money, the duo decide to enter the Trans-America Wild Race to win the prize money so they can get home. The two encounter rivals, bandits, and challenges in the wilderness as they race through America, from the starting line in Los Angeles to the finish line in New York, in the steam-powered car they built.

Fugou Keiji: Balance: Unlimited/The millionaire detective balance

Latest Anime released on Animefreak

Daisuke Kanbe, a detective with extraordinary assets. He is assigned to the Modern Crime Prevention Headquarters,. At that place, only those who have caused problems for the Metropolitan Police Department are sent. There, Daisuke is partnered with Haru Katou. Haru is repulsed by Daisuke’s material ways, believing that money isn’t everything. Challenging mysteries unfold in front of the two detectives. Both of them work together to solve them.


The series is set in a post-apocalyptic world. At that time  Humanity is defended from Earless attacks by the Players, the latter earning fame and fortune along the way. Echo Rec dreams of joining the Players and piloting a mecha of his own. But has no prospects of doing so, until he encounters μ – an enigmatic girl who’s lost her memory and has an auxiliary port on her body. An auxiliary port signifies a Player; together, μ and Echo work together towards fame and fortune.

Wave, Listen to Me!

The stage is Sapporo, Hokkaido. One night, our heroine, Minare Koda, spills her heartbroken woes to a radio station worker she meets while out drinking one night. The next day, she hears a recording of her pitiful grumbling being played live over the air. Minare storms into the station in a rage, only to then be duped by the station director into doing an impromptu talk show explaining her harsh dialogue. With just one recording, the many eccentric facets of Minare’s life begin to pull every which direction as she falls ever deeper into the world of radio.

Major 2nd (TV) 2nd Season

Take a look at the trailer

Yesterday wo Utatte

Latest Anime released on Animefreak

In this Manga freak, there is a story of Rikuo and Haru. After college, Rikuo Uozumi, a boy without much ambition in life, takes on a job at a convenience store.  uneventfully the days are gone for Rikuo until he meets his former girlfriend and classmate, but especially thanks to the unusual Haru Nonaka, and her pet raven.

Take a look at the trailer

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It is another beautiful Manga Freak. Arte is the story of a girl who was born into an aristocratic family in Florence during the 16th century Renaissance era. Being female, it was unheard of for one to become an artist. Driven by her love of art, Arte is willing to cast aside her aristocratic lifestyle to become an artist.

Tsugu Tsugumomo

Latest Anime released on Animefreak

Take a look at the trailer

YouTube video

Zashiki Warashi no Tatami-chan(The House Spirit Tatami-chan)

This is the pleasant horror gag comedy”. It centers around the life of Tatami-chan. He is ardonic ghost from Iwate Prefecture who is now living in Tokyo among other spirits, supernatural entities, and humans. In addition to dealing with otherworldly matters, the unemployed Tatami-chan also has to deal with job-hunting as well as paying for gas, water, and electricity.

Latest Anime released on Animefreak-Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle

Latest Anime released on Animefreak

In a world consisting of numerous isles, a young hero from the Astora Isle encounters the adventurer Kyle and follows him on an expedition on the isle. They meet a mysterious girl named Iris and a talking white cat, and together they make their way to the isle’s ruins, where they find a flying island. Kyle becomes consumed there, and the party resolves to travel to the ends of the world on the flying island in order to find the seven “Great Runes,” following Kyle’s words before he disappeared.

Latest Anime released on Animefreak-Shacho, Battle no Jikan Desu!

Latest Anime released on Animefreak

Shachou, Battle no Jikan Desu! is based on a strategy role-playing game of the same name. It is  set in an alternative world where the player acts as the “president” to recruit and train adventurers. The adventurers are then dispatched into dungeons to fight monsters and recover loot.

Latest Anime released on Animefreak – Tamayomi

Latest Anime released on Animefreak

Tamayomi is a Japanese baseball manga series. Mountain Pukuichi directed this and serialized in Houbunsha’s seinen manga magazine Manga Time Kirara Forward since April 2016. An anime television series adaptation by Studio A-Cat premiered on April 1, 2020.

Latest Anime released on Animefreak – Kuutei Dragons

Latest Anime released on Animefreak

This is the story of one of those ships, the “Quin Zaza,” and its crew.Dragons, the rulers of the sky. To many people on the surface, they are a dire threat, but at the same time, a valuable source of medicine, oil, and food. There are those who hunt the dragons. They travel the skies in dragon-hunting airships.

Latest Anime released on Animefreak – Kami no TouTower of God

Latest Anime released on Animefreak

This story revolves around a boy called Twenty-Fifth Bam. He has spent most of his life trapped beneath a vast and mysterious Tower, with only his close friend, Rachel, to keep him company. When Rachel enters the Tower, Bam somehow manages to open the door into it as well,. At there he faces challenges at each floor of this tower as he tries to find his closest companion.

So, here is the list of the latest 25 Anime Freak Manga Series that we discussed-

  • Olympia Kyklos
  • Kitsutsuki Tantei-dokoro
  • My Roomie is a Dino
  • Digimon Adventure
  • Idolish7
  • Kingdom Season 3
  • Gleipnir
  • Fruits basket- season 2
  • Dropkick on My Devil!
  • Princess Connect! Re: Dive
  • Healin’ Good Precure
  • Appare-Ranman
  • The Unlimited/Millionaire Detective Balance
  • Listeners
  • Wave: Listen to me
  • and more

Wrapping Up

So we have represented the 25 best latest released Anime series on Animefreak. You can binge this on Animefreak any time you want.  I hope you’ve liked the article.

Till then stay safe and healthy!

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