Milan Rabszski is known for his travels across the globe, experimenting with and experiencing various casinos. His trip to Italy was no different! After a few days in Milan and Genoa, Milan traveled East to the ancient city of Veneto. He spent some much-needed off-time walking through the Venetian remains and cruising around in a Gondola. Once satisfied with his sightseeing, Milan headed to Casino di Venezia, the grand palace, Ca’ Vendramin Calergi, to play a few rounds of cards. 

If you follow his podcast, you will know that Milan has a great sense of humor. Considering what happened to him in Venice, he decided to narrate the incidents to an audience. After two previous masterclass sessions, Milan tests his luck with storytelling! Here’s what he had to say about Kasyno Bakarat that left his listeners in stitches. 

Making My Downtown

“Veneto is a gorgeous city; this is my first time here, and I do not want to leave!” begins Milan. “I walked around most parts of the town, picked up a few odd words, had the most amazing Cicchetti, nibbled on Buranelli that I am taking back for my family, and some Gelato. Suffice to say, I will leave Italy with a few extra pounds, and I regret nothing!” 

“All was well and good until I started to make my way to the casino. Casino di Venezia is not necessarily hidden, but since there are no boat stops near the casino, I had to get off at the closest stop and walk my way there. Now you’d think that would be easy, but since this is Venice, I encountered a canal around every corner, I turned, I could see the bridge that would get me across, but I kept going in circles!” complained Milan with exaggerated resentment. “And no wonder! Some say Daedalus did not die in Sicilia but made his way to Veneto,” laughs Milan at his own reference. 

Da Dove Vieni, Signore? – Where Am I From, You Ask!

“I knew from the moment I set foot in Milan that my name was going to be an amusing ice breaker. It wasn’t until I reached Venice that I realized it may be a menace! I took my time picking out a table. I was looking to play a good game of Baccarat; after all, I am in Italy! There will always be a debate between the French and the Italians regarding the origin of the game, but we all know it’s from here. Others have Baccara (zero in Italian) claims on the game!” 

…this left the audience in stitches when they made the connection. 

“At the table, the dealer was convinced I was either playing him or was simply an idiot,” chuckled Milan. “The dealer, presuming I knew Italian, asked for my name. My response clearly caught him off guard, and he repeated his question in English this time. I told him I picked up a few words in Italian and my name is indeed Milan! Fighting his disbelief, he asked, ‘Da Dove Vieni, Signore?’. I decided my response would not clear his doubts and whipped out my ID card. Bringing an end to the painfully embarrassing interaction.” 

Meanwhile in Rome…

“There are many Baccarat strategies one can use to make smart bets, but I felt I needed to do justice to my Italian experience by using a strategy devised by an Italian mathematician. The Fibonacci baccarat strategy determines the amount to bet following a loss. 

1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, and so on are the numbers in the series. You won’t have to be a math genius to set this strategy in action.” 

“The idea is that for every bet you lose, you should increase your stake on the next bet. This cycle will continue until you achieve victory. The Fibonacci scheme requires that the notion of reversion to the mean is correct. Why would I want to keep increasing my wager on a given hand if I have already lost money, you may wonder. The notion is that if you continue placing larger bets, despite your losses, you will eventually win back your previous two losses.”

“Here is what happened. I placed a €10 wager on the player’s hand. If you lose your first two bets, your third bet should be three times your initial bet, or €30 (3 x €10). As a result, if the third bet wins, you will receive €30 in profits, recouping your losses from the previous two bets.

Just as my luck would have it, I lost three times in a row, so my fourth gamble was €50, or five times the original amount. Lady Luck smiled at my efforts, and I won back what I lost!” 

One of Those Nights I Wish Never Ended

“With Italian pop music in the background, endless wine, and a never-ending aperitivo menu, my Venetian casino experience was nothing short of a dream. Once the dealer came to terms with my name, I think he subconsciously dealt cards that had me winning left, right and center. Towards the end of the night, my pockets were brimming with cash worth €2,500. I walked away from a content man! Until I could walk no more because I was facing a canal!” laughed Milan, wrapping up the talk. 

Audience Meet and Greet

Peeling away Milan from his audience is like unraveling a poppy seed roll. No one is happy with the outcome. So, Milan stays to answer a few questions.

“Which Baccarat betting strategy do you think is best?”

“Irrespective of the game you play, as a rule of thumb, know that there is no best strategy. You learn them all and use them depending on the situation for your benefit.” 

“What are you taking away from your trip to Italy?”

“A bottle of Limoncello and a few glass objects from Murano. I wish I could take home a Gondola, though!”

Wrapping Up

Milan gifted most of his winnings to an orphanage. “I have enough” is all he had to say in response. You can reach out to him on +48 22 595 14 00, email him at or meet the editor-in-chief in person at their office in Zlota 59, 00-120 Warsaw. TopKasynoOnline is a Poles for Poles gambling platform. On the date of writing, April 14th, Poland accepts Blik, Przelewy24, Paysafecard, Bitcoin, Ecopayz as payment methods.

Note: Unfortunately, gambling is illegal in Poland, so, on the date of the issue, the content in this article is used only for informational purposes and available to users outside of Poland

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