Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms listing every product from A to Z. There are millions of products available at the website and to keep up with the competition, their prices experience a constant fluctuation. This definitely leads to confusion as to what is the right time to buy them. If you don’t want to lose a great deal, then a constant watch is very necessary. Honey Price Tracker is probably on of the most well-known price tracker, but there are more!

While shopping online, a price checker installed on your system is a must. It will help you track the price fluctuation and notify you of the time of the price drop. You can also use it to compare the prices of products from different sellers, on different platforms, and its different variants. So let us begin.

10 Best Amazon Price Tracker Tools

You can find almost everything on Amazon at great prices. And to get even more discounts and a better deal, download and install one of the price tracker tools on your system.


The first and the most favourite tool to track prices and get discounts on products listed on Amazon is CamelCamelCamel. It’s Chrome and Firefox browser extension will help you access the features while being on the site only. Or you can also copy the Amazon link and paste it on the site to compare the prices and know about the best deal. You can study the price flux of Amazon products, how it has gone up and down, and the fluctuations due to the third-party sellers.

The site notifies you by email when the price of the item you choose goes down by a certain amount. It also studies the all-time prices and suggests whether it is the right time to buy the product, or the price may go lower. So just sign up for their free account and set up alerts for notifications.


Another notable tool that brings you coupons, discounts, and other deals till the minute is SlickDeals. It checks the different platforms around the web and watches out for prices of every item listed on Amazon. This web-based-price tracker also explores different shopping sites like HomeDepot, Chewy, Gamestop, Newegg, and some more.

Though you will not get a detailed price history or roundup of all the high and low price of the product like other tools, it definitely keeps a track of the price from the time you create an alert. And so the time there is a price drop, it will alert you with an email. You can check all the items you have kept on track together, by logging in to your price tracker account.

Honey Price Tracker

Another price tracking tool that keeps a check on different products and compares their prices is Honey. You can install its extension on your Google Chrome browser, and the tool will follow a bunch of retailers along with Amazon.

It will compare the prices of the product on different platforms and alert you. Honey also allows you to create a complete droplist with all your wished products so that you are notified every time there is a price drop.

If you are using Honey, and go ahead with a purchase, the tool applies some discount promo code automatically to your shopping cart. There are different browsers compatible with Honey, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge.

Amazon price tracker tools - Honey

One of the best parts of using Honey is that it offers some percentage of your online purchases as Honey Gold points. You can trade these points for gift cards that you can use further for your purchase at 4,500 stores and more like Macy’s, Groupon and Amazon.


This next price tracker tool is for all the gamers out there, looking to seal a good deal for their video games. Unlike other tools that focus on all the products like apparels, electronics, appliances and household goods, CheapShark helps you buy video games at a cheap price.

This tool checks out all the great places that host video games for you and get great discounts. It creates a database of the current prices, more like an easily searchable directory having products from different platform s like Green Man Gaming, GoG, Amazon, GameStop and more.

The major drawback that people find is its focus on video games.  You can see the cost of a game and the retailer that is offering it. With CheapShark you can even check the games that are on sale currently and filter them out.

ChealShark keeps a historic track of all the games, so when you search for a specific game it will show all the prices, from the cheapest-ever to the highest. Also, it suggests to the users whether they should buy it right now or wait for a price drop. Just like the other tracker tools, it also has the notification feature which notifies the user of the price drop.


When you are shopping on Amazon, you can rely on the services of Wikibuy which is run by Capital One. It compares the prices from other sellers. You can install its extension on your browser so that whenever the product you want is available for a cheaper price it will notify you.

It will also get you a pricing history summary, an estimated time of delivery, and the total cost including the shipping charges and tax. Wikibuy even applies a coupon if you have it. The extension is available for Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. If you are using an iOS device, then you can install its app to scan the barcodes and search for products, compare prices, and more.

Wikibuy partners with various e-commerce platforms like eBay and Walmart, and so when you shop at these sites you can earn credits. It offers credit that you can convert to gift cards or use it for purchases on the site.

Penny Parrot

One of the best Amazon price tracker tools with complete history track and price drop charting is Penny Parrot.

It is an uncluttered, streamlines tool that keeps a track of all the necessary variables. People usually prefer Penny Carrot, one of the reasons being its simple, user-friendly interface. The features are not in power with the other tracker tools on this list, but still the options and features quite huge and visible.

Another different feature of Penny Parrot is that you can view the entire price history with its iPhone shortcut. Yes, so it is available for the iOS users as well. It is completely dedicated to and you can use it for free by just signing up.


When we are talking about Amazon price tracker tools, then Keepa is a big name. Its interface is nice with different Google styling shades and bit different from CamelCamelCamel. The tool is available in various countries like India, Brazil, and Mexico. It offers a free sign-up with various amazing features except for price increase alerts, interactive graphs, and Keepa API.

Amazon price tracker tools - Keepa

If you wish to have all the features then you can subscribe to their monthly plan, and get a higher price track of all the products. You can add the free or the monthly Keepa version as an extension to the Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Microsoft Edge browser.

The Tracktor

If you are looking for something more subtle with only essential tracking features and nothing fancy, then you can go ahead with The Tracktor. There are three options that one should always look for in an Amazon Price Tracking tool, Amazon URL or ASIN, a search bar to look for your specific product and movers and trending option.

Amazon price tracker tools - Tracktor

Usually, people love the Movers tab option, as it gives inspiration for holidays and birthday gifts. With its result pages showing all the products whose prices have dropped, you can sort your choices, from the multiple items in one go. Lastly, there is an option of selecting from various countries, like France, Canada, Japan, Germany, Unites States and the United Kingdom so that you get more personalized and sorted results. And all these features are for free.

Jungle Search

Another price tracker tool that you might come across is the Jungle Search. As the name says Jungle Search, it brings you the prices of a jungle of products that Amazon hosts.

It has a simple search system that lets you look for your product at the Amazon site at the best price. Just enter the product name and hit the Enter button.

At Jungle Search you can filter the products according to the category, or simpler forms. You can type the product name, brand name, the minimum and maximum percentage of discount your want, customer reviews and more. On the basis of your criteria, you will be shown the products available on the Amazon site in a new tab. There is no add-on option.


Waatcher works on the concept similar to eBay. Just like you give a maximum bid so that the auto-bids don’t go more than the bid amount.

In Waatcher, you can input a bid at the product you want, and this input bid should be the price that you can pay.

Amazon price tracker tools - Waatcher

Waatcher keeps an eye on the price of the product and when the product reaches a similar price, it automatically places the order, before the deal goes out of the hand. This helps especially when you are shopping for holidays making it stress-free and a lot less involvement. So just log in to your account, choose your products, make a bid and let the application do the rest.

Wrapping Up

There are various times when you could have got the same product at a cheaper price. We hope that with the help of these Amazon price tracker tools you seal the best deal for yourself. Share your thoughts and tool you are using right now with us below.

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