The construction materials market has several choices of roofing materials. Each one has its set of benefits and disadvantages. If you are someone who loves to tinker around the house on weekends, take a closer look at polycarbonate sheets, which are not merely different but have many alternative applications as well.

What is polycarbonate roofing?

They are flexible, sturdier, and extremely lightweight. Polycarbonate roofing materials can be as clear as glass or in an extensive range of colors. Another thing that makes polycarbonate roofing appealing is its price. The material is inexpensive considering its outstanding properties.

Polycarbonate roofing is made from thermoplastic material. It makes the product lightweight, shatterproof, moldable, and very durable. Thermoplastic gives the polycarbonate roofing the ability to withstand temperature changes. Other features that set the product apart are installation types and appearance.

Types of polycarbonate roofing sheets

The product comes in various types, with commercial and residential applications. Therefore, if you have a few home improvements and creative projects lined up, here are the available types. One thing to keep in mind: the material has other applications aside from roofing.

  • Solid polycarbonate sheets. These are thicker and unbreakable. They allow 40-90% sunlight but protect you from UV radiation. They are either translucent or transparent and suitable for your canopy roofing or skylight project.
  • Multiwall polycarbonate sheets. This type possesses excellent resistance to heat and fire. It is UV protected, with thermal and sound insulation. You can use it as a roofing material for your backyard greenhouse, your kids’ treehouse, or pergola. You can use a table saw, circular saw, or even a box knife to cut it.
  • Corrugated polycarbonate sheets. You do not have to limit yourself to creating roofs with a straight or slanted design as you can bend or fold corrugated polycarbonate sheets into the shape you want. The corrugated features make it easy for the sheets to fit over each other, which is why it is a preferred material for many roofing design ideas.
  • Lexan modular panel. These UV-protected panels are available in various colors, and you can purchase them in film or sheet form to accommodate your requirements. They are suitable for various types of buildings and available in varied thicknesses.

Applications of corrugated polycarbonate sheets

It’s amazing how you can do several things with corrugated polycarbonate sheets. They look like their metal counterparts but are more impact resistant, lightweight, in varied thicknesses, and readily available in assorted colors.

You already know the material is an outstanding choice for your roofing requirements. But did you know you can use them as a durable barrier and fencing material? You can erect poolside barriers with corrugated polycarbonate sheets. They can be utilized as a safety fence around your pool deck.

If you’re building a shed, you can use the corrugated panels to surround the shed’s walls, too. Just think about it. You can have clear or colored walls for your shed that are not only aesthetically appealing but also a lot stronger. You do not have to worry about rust, dry rot, and even repainting.

You now recognize why polycarbonate sheets differ from other roofing materials. With just one type, you can use it for diverse applications that will make your project more awesome.

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