The Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 15th March 2020 episode began with the contestants being divided into 2 teams, Both the teams had to perform 3 stunts. The first team was lead by Karan’s while the second team lead was Tejaswi.

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Khatron Ke Khiladi: Tejaswi and Shivin Wins First Task

The first task was performed in partnership. Rohit Shetty narrated the stunt of the day. The winning team of the task was supposed to get 10 points while the losing team to get zero.

The two teams were Karan’s team and Tejaswini’s. The first task was the pool task where the player who opted to get inside the pool, had to open the bolt with the spanner. Tejaswi’s team members included Karishma, Malishka, Shivin and Karan’s team had Amruta, Ada, Balraj and Dharmesh.

Karan and Amruta performed the first task. Amruta was in the pool and Karan chose to up and down the slider with Amruta being hung on that. After entering in the pool she needed to open the bolts with the spanner. Both of them completed the task successfully. Now it was time for the next team. Tejaswi and Shivin came from the second team. Tejaswi decided to go inside the pool while Shivin chose to rotate the ladder.

Karan and Amruta took 9 minutes 42 seconds to complete the task while Tejaswi and Shivin finished this task in 8 minutes 14 seconds. It was Karan and Amruta who scored 0 points after completion of this task whereas Tejaswi and Shivin scored 10 points. Overall score till the first round was Karan’s team had 30 points and Tejaswi’s team has 10 points.

 Karishma Beats Dharmesh by 9 Seconds

The second task was the platform task with an attached acrylic seat where the contestant had to come from one edge of the building to another.  Dharmesh from Karan’s team opted to perform the task first and from Tejaswi’s team, Karishma opted to do the task. Both of the contestants were able to complete the task.

Rohit Shetty asked Karishma and Dharmesh, who according to them performed faster? Rohit Shetty revealed that there was a difference of only 9 seconds. Dharmesh performed in more time as compared to Karishma. Meanwhile, Balraj Syal tried to create humour between the scenes. Karishma won the second task.

Scores – Team Karan: 30 Points, Team Tejaswi: 20 Points

Final Stunt: Scorpions Bite Ada Khan

Now all the contestants along with Rohit Shetty moved to the next location for performing the last task of the day. Karan team had scored 30 points while Tejaswi team earned 20 points.

The third stunt was partner stunt. There was a glass box, where one player needed to lay down in the glass box and other had to put a wrapper on his/her face to collect the Scorpio in it and put it back in the jar. This stunt scored 300 points. From Karan’s team, Ada and Dharmesh came up to perform the task. From Tejaswi’s team, Shivin and Malishka came up to perform the task. Tejaswi’s team member went first.

Ada and Dharmesh went to perform the task. While Ada opted to lay down in the glass box, Dharmesh opted to fill up Scorpios in the mask. Ada got injured by scorpion ‘s bite. The final score was Shivin and Malishka took out 55 scorpions whereas Ada and Dharmesh took out 70 scorpions.

Scores – Team Karan: 300 Points, Team Tejasswi: 20 Points

 The Winning Team: Safe from Elimination

The winner was Karan’s team who had secured 300 points after the last task whereas Tejaswi’s team was on 20 points throughout the tasks.

Team Tejaswi to Perform Elimination Task

Tejaswi’s team will have to perform the elimination task in the next episode. This task will be a horrible one. Tejaswi will opt to go with Malishka, but Malishka denies doing that. But in the end, she will agree to do the task. But for that, you will have to wait for the next week.

 Wrapping Up

It would be thrilling to watch what will happen in next week’s task. Will Tejaswi and Malishka perform the elimination task? Who will go back to their home?

Stay tuned for more updates..!! Till then don’t forget to watch Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 on Colors that airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm.

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