Using a DNS server that is not suitable for your PS4 can lower your connection speed and thus reduce performance. If you want the internet connection to your PS4 to be faster and seamless, you must select the Best DNS for PS4.

A Domain Name System (DNS)  translates the domain name to IP addresses to help the browsers load the required internet sources. So selecting a correct DNS server is very important. Most of the time, the default server provided by ISP will not be the finest one.

Domain name system DNS

You can manually change the settings and use a quicker and reliable DNS server for your PS4. Based on your location, you can select the fastest and best DNS server available. You can easily change your DNS server, and it makes your browsing faster and connection flawless. Follow the steps given below to find the best DNS PS4.

Methods to Search for The Best DNS Servers for PS4

There are a couple of methods you can follow to find the best DNS server that suits your PS4. Read the following ways to search for a good DNS and try the one method suitable for you.

Select a DNS server from the list

Given below is a list of Public DNS servers. These servers, including Google, Cloudflare, have a good reputation for providing fast and reliable service. You can randomly choose two servers and use them to change your settings. 

Best DNS servers for PS4

Find the best DNS manually.

Using this approach, you can select a geographically close DNS for your PS4. This reduces the time for DNS requests to reach the DNS server and also the response time by the DNS server to reach us. Thus we will get a fast and seamless network connection.

Out of the public DNS servers given, instead of randomly selecting DNS servers, it’s good to measure the Ping for all of them and then select the best one for the geographical area you live in. Because of the Ping time changes based on your geographical location.

Find faster DNS servers for PS4 manually using ping

There are a number of tools and mobile applications available to measure the Ping. You can use any one of them and see how fast your DNS servers are responding. Change the DNS servers one by one and note the speed of the server. Compare the average time of response and select the best DNS PS4. 

Ping, Fing are a few mobile apps, and Pingdom, are a few online sites that allow you to perform a ping test. You can run the speed test on PS4 as well.

Use DNS Namebench by Google to select best DNS for PS4

Google created an automated free software called Namebench. It helps to measure the speed of various DNS servers. You can download this software on Windows or Mac devices and install it. Follow the steps given below to determine the fastest DNS server.

Step 1: Open the Namebench software and enter the ‘IP Addresses‘ of all the servers separated by comma and space in the ‘Nameserver‘ field.

Step 2: Based on your preferences, check the boxes you see on the screen.

Step 3: Under ‘Query Data Source‘ select ‘Top 2000 Websites‘ and enter the ‘Number of queries.’

Step 4: You can also enter the location under the ‘Your Location‘ field to get a location-specific best DNS server.

Step 5: Once the test is finished, you will the results in a new browser window. Now, compare the ‘Avg Time‘ column for all the servers and choose the one with the minimum response time.

Google Namebench to test DNS speed

Make a note of two-three DNS servers which are giving good performance. You can test them while changing the DNS server settings.

DNS Benchmark Program

The Ping test only determines the transmission speed of the DNS server response. But there are a lot of other parameters that determine DNS performance, like processing delays. The DNS Bench program determines a DNS server’s overall performance and helps us find the best DNS for PS4.

DNS Benchmark program

DNS Benchmark compares the operational speed and reliability of over 200 DNS servers by doing a detailed performance analysis. It calculates all types of delays taking all the factors, including geographical area, into consideration and suggests the best DNS server for the device we are using.

How to Change DNS Server Settings to Get Best DNS for PS4?

Now that you have found the best DNS server for your PS4, you need to change your settings. Here is the procedure you need to follow.

Step 1: Go to your PS4 ‘Settings‘ and click on ‘Network.’

PS4 Network Settings

Step 2: Select ‘Set up Internet connection‘ and choose the type of connection. 

(Wifi or LAN, LAN is recommended for fast connection)

Set up internet connection in PS4


Step 3: Select the ‘Custom‘ setup.

Custom internet settings in PS4 to find best DNS

Step 4: For IP address settings, select ‘Automatic.’

Step 5: DHCP Hostname: ‘Do not Specify.’

Step 6: Select ‘Manual’ in the DNS Settings.

Manual DNS settings for PS4


Step 7: In the fields available, enter the Primary and Secondary DNS servers IP.

Enter the best DNS for PS4

Step 8: For MTU settings, select ‘Automatic‘ and for Proxy Server, choose ‘Do not Use.’

Proxy Server settings for PS4

Step 9: You can see the ‘Test Internet Connection‘ option in the ‘Settings.’ Here you can test different servers and complete the setup with the best DNS server for your PS4.

Testing internet connection after selecting DNS for PS4

This is how you find the best DNS For PS4. Follow all the steps carefully, and you can find what you are looking for. I hope this article was helpful to you. Please keep visiting our website to find similar articles.

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