No festive celebration is complete without fireworks! And possibly the best way to capture these awesome bursts of light would be 4K video. While we would automatically try our utmost to channel the inner award-winning photographer in us and hit the camera capture button profusely, it might be wiser if we capture video at the best resolution available to us now – 4K.

With 4K video, the videos we capture (even on our smartphones) is remarkably sharp and lifelike. Not only will video allow us to relive the beautiful sights, it allows us to capture the boom boom boom of fireworks which we all know too well too. The added bonus of capturing videos of fireworks – we are still able to pull high-res still frames from the videos!

So the next time you want to capture great fireworks, think again and use that 4K video function that you have. In fact, celebrate the occasion by chucking that heavy tripod and use the highest frame rate you can get or even play around with the slow motion functions!

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