Online casinos have experienced an exponential rise in interest over the last decade, and this is due to a variance of factors, including game design and features, personal offers, loyalty programs, and much more.

For those who aren’t in the know about casino games, the mechanics behind the games themselves have been improving, bringing a much more immersive and somewhat familiar feeling to players. Now, you’re able to play games based on movies, which aren’t necessarily new but are immensely popular. These include huge hits like Donkey Kong, The Goonies, Rick N Morty, the list goes on.

More Ways to Pay

Nowadays, innovative online casinos in Canada offer a variety of table games, slots, and even poker-style games on a host of different devices, with device-specific optimization. This means that players can indulge in a wide range of game options while on the go – on both mobile and desktop platforms. However, the biggest advantage of these platforms lies in their variety of options – from classic slots to newer titles like Dreams of Macau, they take the gambling experience to the next level.

Slot games are now much more detailed and can pack handfuls of features that are incredibly satisfying to achieve, and some even come with a progressive storyline as if it were a real video game. Along with more features, reels have become far bigger than before with the introduction of Megaways and Cluster-style games.

After the initial introduction of 243 ways style slots, where paylines were not used for the first time and only required a sequence of symbols left to right, they became incredibly popular, and game developers began looking into ways to increase the number of ways you can win, which introduced the Big Time Gaming Megaways games that hundreds of operators raced to get rights on to use as their own titles.

This, in turn, paved the way for slot classics to have their very own remakes but in a Megaways setting and, to this day, continue to be among the most popular in games played online.

Buying Bonuses Is The ‘In’ Thing

Alongside developers introducing more ways to win and expanding the reels as far as possible, there was room for a new feature that would allow any player to access the most exclusive part of each game without having to play for hours. Buying bonuses is now an extremely common theme in most games, and streamers that are backed by casinos would often sit and buy bonus after bonus, providing an exciting sequence of bonuses that are exciting and fun to watch.

While buying bonuses provides the best part of the games, the chances of losing are much higher, and the Return to Player percentage for bonus buys will be, on average, much lower than when playing the base game. Along the way, you’re able to hit great wins, and a bonus can land at any time, as opposed to simply buying a bonus feature for 100x your stake.

With interest in bonus buys boosted by streamers, game developers saw an opportunity to introduce a plethora of features within the bonus, where a number of elements can change within the bonus. These include randomized features that can aid the bonus round, multipliers, wild symbols, number of spins, and many more, meaning that landing a bonus doesn’t necessarily mean you’re instantly in the green.

Live Casino Gameshows

Slot games are not the only style of games that have undergone massive changes and introductions to new features, with many different game-show style live games hosting thousands of concurrent players and have, in turn, allowed for a spurt of innovation, making for a thrilling experience.

Some of the biggest casino wins have come from games such as Crazy Time, an Evolution title. This title brought together a host of already popular live casino games and merged them all into the same game while also introducing a randomized multiplier feature that can transform the wins into astronomical ones. The depth of these game shows and the emotion piled in from the hosts make for a very exciting watch.

Jackpot games – A thing of the past?

With the introduction of these styles of games that bring a variance of multipliers and bump up the volatility, the demand for jackpot games has fallen, and many game providers now include their very own style of pooled jackpot over a handful of their own games instead.

Jackpot games like Mega Fortune Dreams, for example, are now considered outdated, and the general audience would much rather play a game that offers extreme volatility that also provides a much higher chance of winning the maximum than a jackpot would.

Until the pool of jackpot-style games is updated, and there are more attractive options within this style of game, it’s likely the demand will continue to fall as the casino gaming community continues to flock to the most popular games that are non-jackpot. It’s important to note that with games that offer bonus buys, winning the jackpot is not applicable, so until a game is introduced that provides all of this in one, the demand will continue to plummet for these games.

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