Focus group transcription requires professionals to simultaneously discern and capture conversations from multiple speakers. It’s a cost and time-saving service as the experts know how to handle such complex audio. A moderator can find it challenging to keep a large group engaged and record conversations that will assist the brand.

So, transcripts are essential to get the most out of focus group interviews. Finding a professional transcription provider for focus group interviews who will meet your needs is vital. Many transcription service providers bill per minute of audio. They will complete the transcripts within the stipulated time and guarantee high levels of confidentiality for all participants involved in the audio.

5 Best Transcription Services for Focus Group Interviews

Before choosing a transcription service for your focus group interview, you must consider the quality and accuracy of their previous works, turnaround time, pricing, experience, data privacy, and security. The provider needs to be capable of meeting your deadline within the stipulated time and budget constraints.

Contacting each transcription service provider to understand their services and pricing can be exhausting. This article reviews the five best transcription websites to assist you with focus group transcriptions.


With over 15 years of existence and experience, GoTranscript offers the best focus group transcription services. They have over 20,000 transcriptionists from diverse backgrounds and talents ready to help you with your project’s needs. These professionals understand what transcribing recordings with many participants entail.

GoTranscript can transcribe brainstorming sessions, roundtable discussions, routine office meetings, and business group discussions. All their transcripts are 100% human generated with at least 99% accuracy. Their focus group transcription rates are lower than other companies, from $1.24 per minute for a 5-day service to $3 for a 6-12 hour service.

You get the lowest prices and special discount rates when you keep using their transcript services. They also have a customer loyalty program of 15% off the original prices for 10,000+ uploaded minutes. One major thing about their service is the discount levels. The percentage of discount you receive depends on the total uploads in your account. For instance, you get a 10% discount on your current and future orders for 5250+ minutes of uploads. They focus on quality and timely service delivery while remaining transparent in everything.


Rev is a service provider with over ten years of experience offering focus group transcription for market researchers. They provide affordable human and AI transcription services and guarantee 99% accuracy on transcriptions and subtitles. Their pricing is very transparent, from $0.25 per minute for automated transcription to $1.50 per minute of human transcription to $5-12 for subtitles in a variety of languages.

Additionally, they also offer enterprise solutions for those in need of 100+ hours of transcription. The enterprise package is for businesses interested in yearly partnerships looking to get discounts for voluminous orders and centralized billing. Rev also focuses on delivering high-quality focus group transcripts with a 24-hour turnaround time. They guarantee the confidentiality of all your transcripts and are available 24/7 to ensure deadlines.


This professional transcription service provider has a team specializing in fieldwork and research transcription, including focus group recordings. They offer manual and automated transcription services and guarantee 99% accuracy for human-edited scripts. Their starting rate is $0.79 per minute for human written and $0.07 per minute for AI-generated scripts.

Another thing is their level of transparency. You get the chance to choose the features you need for your market research project, as this is what will determine their pricing. Their pricing depends on variables such as the number of speakers, type of transcript, complexity of the recordings, and more. They also guarantee a high-quality transcript that’s consistently accurate.

You will have to choose between First Draft, Standard, and Verbatim options for your transcripts. They deliver First Draft transcripts within a day, while Standard orders can take between 1-3 business days. Finally, the Verbatim option takes the longest with a 2 to 5 days promised delivery.


Scribie is also one of the best transcription service providers that you can rely on for focus group transcription services. They focus on human-written and AI-written transcripts. Their audio-per-minute rate starts from $0.80, and they guarantee a 100% level of accuracy for transcripts whose turnaround time is within 24 hours and have clear audio and minimal background noise. For automated service, they charge $0.10 per minute for a 30-minute turnaround script.

Security and confidentiality are a top priority. Considering how market-sensitive research discussions and focus group interviews are, they ensure all their transcribers sign an NDA. Their prices vary depending on accents, background noise, audio quality, etc. For instance, you’ll pay an additional $0.50 per audio minute if it’s poor audio quality. Scribie doesn’t have discounts because of their low prices, but they have seasonal promotions from time to time.

Focus Forward Transcription (FFTranscription)

Focus Forward is a US-based transcription service provider with 15+ years of experience offering solutions to standard and complex projects. They offer three types of transcription services; human, automated, and enhanced interactive transcription. The FFT transcription team guarantees the highest quality of transcripts as they layer in triple proofreading at the right cost.

Working with this service provider allows you to choose the level of pricing you want, low or high. Their automated service starts from $0.29 per minute. Format selection, file length, turnaround time, and other optional services determine their rates. They are also available 24/7 to meet clients’ needs.

Final Verdict

With all factors considered, including pricing and turnaround time, GoTranscript takes the lead. Unlike the rest, their prices are low, and they have no additional charges, where prices vary depending on certain variables. Their ordering process is very straightforward and convenient. Customers can also enjoy discounts and loyalty programs and benefit from extra services such as subtitling, captioning, and translation services all in one place. For further information, visit

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