Among the various build available for Kodi, Titanium is one of the must try. As the name goes, Titanium is a strong and massive build. Among the Kodi users, it has made a satisfactory place. All thanks to the huge number of useful add-ons and clear interface, Titanium build on Kodi is another great and popular build. Just like the other Kodi builds, the process to install Titanium build on Kodi is similar, except you will require Supreme Wizards to complete the installation process.

If you are not sure of the process, then our complete guide on Titanium Build on Kodi will help you. Unravel some of the amazing features associated with the build and how you can download and use it easily on various devices.

What is Titanium Kodi Build?

Titanium build is one of the strongest builds out there. Among the Kodi community, it is immensely popular and there is no single reason behind it. Out of the various reasons one of the most important reasons that make Titanium a massive build is that it is packed with huge numbers of add-ons. The interface of Titanium build is clean and organized which turns the experience of every user into magic. Also, the navigation within the build is quite easy, which makes it one of the most stable Kodi build.

As compared to the other Kodi builds available, Titanium build is light and beautiful in construction. It is a part of the Daily Update Wizard, and its content gets updated regularly. Even with a size of 500+ mbs, you can enjoy amazingly high speed on it. Some of the essential movie and sports add-ons that it offers include Bob Unleashed, Neptune Rising, UK Turk Playlist, Placenta, Gears TV, Vader’s Streams, Sports Devil, Music, PVR+ Subs, Live TV, Sports Replay, Sports Hub, and many more.

The Titanium build works smoothly on every device like Amazon Fire TV, Android smartphone or Amazon FireStick. So if you too are impressed by this intuitive and appealing Kodi build, then check out the next section to install it on your device.

How to Install Titanium Build on Kodi

Just like Android devices which do not allow the installation of apps from a source other than Google Play, there is a feature called Kodi security which also prevents the installation of third-party add-ons. The third-party add-ons include those add-ons that the official Kodi Add-on repository does not host. In this way, the installation of the malicious builds and add-ons is prevented.

As the Titanium build is extremely safe to install, you can start the process by disabling the security feature. For this navigate to the Unknown sources option and enable it. The process can be divided into two parts. So let us begin with the first part.

Part 1- Install Supreme Builds Wizard on Kodi

Step 1- Open the Kodi app and click on the Settings icon at the home screen. Then open File Manager.

Step 2- Now click on Add Source option. Then click on None.

Step 3- You will observe an address bar. Enter the following URL in the space given and click on Ok.

Step 4- In the next window, you will have to give the media source a suitable name. So for convenience name it as Supreme.

Step 5- Press Ok. Now return to the Home Screen sign either the Esc or back key.

Step 6- Select Add-ons option. Then locate the Package Installer icon on the top left corner of the screen. Click on it.

Step 7- Now click on the Install from zip file option. From the new window, select the Supreme file.

Step 8- Then click on your zip file. It will be named as Wait till the repository is installed and you get a notification at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 9- After the Supreme Builds Repository Add-on is installed, click on Install from repository option.

Step 10- Now follow the given route. Click on Supreme Builds Repository> Program Add-ons>Supreme Builds Wizard> Install.

Step 11- Wait for a few minutes till the Supreme Builds Wizard is installed. You will get three pop-ups, click on Dismiss, followed by Continue and Build Menu in the three windows.

In the third pop-up, you can directly choose the Titanium Build. Right now I’m going to tell you the complete procedure to install Titanium build on Kodi from the start. So after installing Supreme Wizards follow the steps given below to install Titanium build.

Part 2- Install Titanium Build on Kodi

Step 1- On the Kodi home screen, click on Add-ons. Then click on Program Add-ons.

Step 2- Now select Supreme Builds Wizard. A list will open. The Titanium build will be at the topmost position but it will be available on 3 different servers.

Step 3- You can choose any server. Now you will have to choose from Fresh Install and Standard Install option.

For clutter-free installation, we would suggest you go for Fresh Install. In this way, even your previous data and add-ons are also safe.

Step 4- Next click on Continue. Now, wait for a few minutes till the Titanium build is installed. Make sure you do not disconnect the power or Internet connection in middle.

Step 5- In the next prompt window, click on Force Close.

That’s it. The Titanium build will be successfully installed on your Kodi device. Now you can launch Kodi again and enjoy free unlimited streaming. The process to download and install various build on Kodi is almost similar.

How to Install Titanium Kodi Build on Firestick?

Many time users come up with questions like how to use Titanium on Firestick. And so if you have Kodi already installed on your Firestick device, then follow the steps given below.

Step 1- Open the Developers Option on your Firestick device. Then enable ADB debugging option.

Step 2- Now enable Apps from Unknown Sources.

That’s it. Now just launch Kodi on Firestick and install Titanium Kodi build using the same steps given above.

Wrapping Up

Titanium Kodi build is a complete cosmetic makeover for Kodi. It gives the user an exciting experience as it dramatically changes how you interact with Kodi. This build makes Kodi a feature-rich media center which is more functional and convenient.

Titanium Kodi build is undoubtedly one of the most popular and highly recommended builds. We hope that through this article, you can now easily install Titanium build 2019 on Kodi using the Supreme Builds Wizard.

In case of any questions or queries regarding the process, or if you want to share your experience then make use of the comment section.

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